4 Questions To Ask Any Employment Lawyer Before You Hire Them

4 questions to ask any employment lawyer before you hire them

Before you rush off to hire an employment lawyer for your business, do your research. That includes working out what to ask them during your initial conversation.

That first conversation with an employment lawyer is usually a free one. Employment lawyers, like any other type of lawyer, have certain ways of working, some of which may not be agreeable to you. The best way to work out whether they are a good match for your business is to ask them the right questions during that initial conversation, before they ask you to pay rates. This way, you can interview a group of different employment lawyers to find the right one for your company.

What To Ask An Employment Lawyer Before You Hire Them?

Here are four sound questions to ask your potential new lawyer during your consultation. Shopping around and asking as many questions as you can is an important part of any kind of outsourcing. And outsourcing legal advice is one of the most vital things you can do as a business to help you remain within the confines of the law. These questions should help make sure you are not going in blind.

Question 1 – How Many Businesses Like Ours Have You Supported In The Past?

Experience is a massive thing when it comes to the law. Experience handling cases and claims means experience in learning about precedents, being familiar with judges, and knowing which strategies work best for businesses. Visit HKM.com to look at the extensive list of offices an experienced employment lawyer might have in place. Large companies can make great representation, especially if you have a larger business.

Question 2 – How Do Your Rates And Fees Work?

While it is unlikely that you would find an employment lawyer working on a no win, no fee basis, you should ask about how their payment system works from the outset. It could be that they operate on a retainer, which is where you pay them a standing fee and they respond urgently to any legal queries you have. It may even be that they quote you for representation, should you be searching for a lawyer after a disgruntled employee brings a case against you. Either way, you need to know about fees before you begin.

Question 3 – How Many Years Have You Operated?

A fledgling law office isn’t equipped to handle your multinational company and your 15,000 international employees. Instead, choose an employment lawyer that has more than enough capacity to manage the load of work you need them to process on your behalf.

Question 4 – How Many Clients Do You Have?

The flip side of this is how many other businesses they have as clients. A single small law firm is fine to tackle your small business employment queries. However, what happens if you need a niche lawyer, an attorney with specific experience, or if you require a whole team of lawyers for a case? A small employment law office servicing more than ten businesses might struggle to fit you in. How much attention you get is a make-or-break decision when it comes to outsourcing legal advice.

What To Consider When Hiring An Employment Lawyer?

These four questions should give you a head start on what you need to look for to find a great employment lawyer.

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