4 Reasons Brands Should Add Vlogging To Their Marketing Strategy

4 reasons brands should add vlogging to their marketing strategy

Video marketing is a new style of promoting which appeared on the market not so long ago. It is now one of the most effective ways to put your brand on the map.

Today, a video marketing strategy can take the biggest piece of any company’s whole marketing course, and we think that it is the right thing to do. Despite the popularity of video marketing as a whole, vlogging, as an essential part of it, often stays ignored.

Today we decided to rectify this situation and bring you the 4 reasons why your company should start using vlogging in its marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at them!

It Will Help Promote Your Products Or Services

Informational vlogs help you to promote all your other content. It gives people the opportunity to see your products and services closer and, hopefully, to go watch your other content.

The great thing about video marketing is that you can talk to your audience through the vlogs, explain why they need your products, and thus bring more involvement to your business.

Vlogging feels like a conversation between two people, and if you do it right, you can sell anything to a person, and it will not look like a sale to them at all.

In addition, search engines love video content and happily promote websites that have useful and interesting videos and vlogs on them. It will increase the traffic to your website even more if you use keywords, hashtags, and good old SEO promotion in descriptions.

It Personalizes Your Brand

Vlogs are highly personalized videos because they always have a person in front of the camera. Back in 2019, many marketing specialists noted that people prefer brands with a face, with a specific person to associate it with.

Nowadays, this tendency only continues to be very effective, and if you want to increase brand awareness and get to a bigger number of people through your video content, create a face for your brand.

You will be able to show behind the scenes of your production cycle and give people the opportunity to see what it takes to get your products and bring them to customers. Your goal here is to make your company someone they can trust and not just a faceless money-making machine.

It’s An Excellent Way To Present Your Message

Adding vlogging to your marketing strategy is one of the best ways to give people an understanding of what your brand stands for. You can explain your mission, why your products are important, and why they will love them.

With this level of personalization, you can dramatically increase conversions on your website and social media by simply asking to follow your channel and visiting your other official pages.

From now on, if you will need to change some aspects of your brand and talk about these changes with your customers, you can do it through vlogs. You can explain every decision and make people trust your message, which is the most important part of this whole strategy.

It’s The Easiest Type Of Video Content

In 2021, everybody already has smartphones with great cameras in them. Most models have good stabilizers, and many of them even can make 4K quality videos. All these factors make creating vlogs a very easy task.

What you actually need is an excellent idea for a vlog, and with one click, you can start shooting! That all makes creating vlogs and turning them into YouTube videos incredibly simple, and you can do it in a matter of seconds.

You can also go live on YouTube or Facebook to make the vlog even closer to your audience.

And lastly, we wanted to point out that if you make mistakes, don’t panic. You try to make your brand more approachable by making vlogs, and people make mistakes all the time. Your customers will really appreciate honesty and transparency, which is exactly what you need in your vlogs.

What Types Of Vlogs You Should Make

Now we know why vlogs are definitely good for your business, but what types of videos can you make exactly?

So among many video types that exist on the internet, here are some of our favorites.

  1. Behind The Scenes: Show people how your product is made. Let them feel that they are now a part of a group that holds this secret, and it makes them so much more special!
  2. Travel Footage: You can show footage from your business travels to show another side of production.
  3. Product Reveals: We advise you to add a timer to the video to create a countdown to the very moment when you will reveal your brand new and revolutionary product. It makes watchers even more excited to see what will be revealed and helps to grab their attention.
  4. Educational Content: You can create videos that tell the history of your product, what is the next big thing in the industry, etc.
  5. Q&As: Reply to any questions your customers can have, try to educate them, and answer any concerns they have. Be open because vlogs should be a sincere and safe type of communication.
  6. Tutorials: Create short videos to explain the purpose of your product and how a customer can use it.


Vlogging is a fantastic tool, and marketers now get how easy it is to make this type of content considering the amount of work behind it. All you need is an idea, a camera, a PC, and good editing software to polish the finished product.

Vlogs are powerful and will help you promote your product to the whole world! Do not hesitate to start using this video marketing method and to become the next star on the business firmament. Good luck!

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