5 Best Types Of Gaming Logo Designs

5 best types of gaming logo designs

Logo design is a vast industry and gaming logo is a special field of logo design. Unlike various brands, its target audience is not the general public. Each professional logo design has its own distinctiveness and underlying meanings. Companies put time, energy, sources, effort and thoughts into their branding so they can appeal to the general audience.

The types and styles of gaming logo design may differ from ordinary brands. Different types of gaming logo designs are used to convey the values of eSports teams. They give a visually memorable representation of their vision and mission. Here, we will explain 5 common types of gaming logo design of the modern world.

Letter Mark

These logos make use of the gaming clans’ initials or eSports teams, first letters, or whole abbreviations. The most common letter mark logo designs are single-letter logos, while some are 2 or 3 letters as well.

The symbolism is often strong and distinctive and similar to the style of the letters. Some letter mark logo designs adopt a minimalism approach and are presented in a general style. Letter mark logos are designed simply and to the point without being excessively complicated.


This is a type of completely typographic text gaming logo design that spells out the complete name of the eSports brand. Different clans and organizations that utilize wordmark type, want people to recognize their brand’s name.

A wordmark generally uses an existing typeface or custom font with edited fancy elements or decorations. It is less common for eSports brands to use wordmark as their professional gaming logo design since it’s less adaptive nowadays on different social media platforms.


A badge or emblem custom gaming logo wraps texts and graphic elements in a stylized and organized manner. It is shaped in a shield view to represent the gaming clans or eSports teams and organizations.

The plus point of an emblem or badge logo design is that it can contain more information in an integrated layout. For instance, some eSports companies and gaming clans can include their name, tagline, year of establishment and country of origin, etc.. in the logo design.


Unlike icons and gaming symbols which can be abstract, mascot logo designs mostly represent something concrete. A mascot gaming logo can be an animal, a character, or an object within any game.

An eSports mascot logo design is a more detailed execution of the ideas and concepts compared with other types and styles of a professional gaming logo. There are number of styles of mascot logo design and you need to get the most suitable and appropriate gaming logo design for your brand.


A symbolic or conceptual logo uses lines and shapes to express the strong ideas behind the custom gaming logo. These ideas can be abstract, visual, or concrete.

Vivid imagery is the most common type of conceptual gaming logo design. It’s instantly recognizable and memorable and leaves a solid impression on the targeted audience like gamers and sponsors.

Let us know your favorite custom gaming logo design type.

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