5 Reasons Why Nobody Is Visiting Your Website

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You were told not to bother wasting money on a phone book ad and that the internet was the future of marketing. And so you went and invested in a fresh new website for your business. But no-one is visiting it! You’ve seen the analytics – your website isn’t getting any hits. Was all that money spent on producing a website wasted?

Certainly not. All you need is to make a few alterations to make your website more attractive. Here are a few reasons why no-one is visiting your website and how you can start luring in traffic.

You Have No Internet Presence

The ugly truth is that a website isn’t enough. The internet is a crowded place and to stand out you need to advertise it everywhere, just as you’d advertise a shop in a city with signage and leaflets.

The first big step is social media. Create a Facebook and Twitter page for your business, invite all your friends to follow and like and place links on the page to your website. You will immediately notice more traffic although you’ll have to keep your social media active with engaging posts if you want to continue luring people in.

From here you can branch out to other places on the web. Get previous happy clients to write review on review sites linking your website, as well as reviewing your site on Google. Ask other companies to promote your site on theirs (and in turn promote theirs on yours). Soon more doors will open up to your website allowing more visitors.

You’re On Page 50 Of Google

Not being on the first page of search engines can have a massive impact on the amount of visitors you get. This may be because your website isn’t very keyword friendly and people searching for your type of company aren’t finding it instantly. Alternatively, your website might be overloaded with keywords and search engine algorithms may view it as spammy. SEO companies can help to improve your search engine rankings and may be worth investing in (www.nustudio.ie being an example).

Your Site Isn’t Active

A site that isn’t regularly updated can also score badly on search engines as well as putting off visitors by making your company appear to be no longer in action. Keeping your website new and fresh with regular blog posts and events can keep visitors coming back. However, once you start updating, you must keep up the work in order to keep a consistency.

Your Web Design Needs A Refurb

A relative or friend may have designed your website, or it may have been designed over a decade ago, in which case you need to give it a refurb. Hire a professional company to spruce it up so that it no longer look like a relic from the 90’s or a school project. This will ensure that visitors return and don’t immediately disregard your site as unprofessional.

Your Branding Is Off

Does your domain name and webpage immediately explain what your business is about? Poor branding could equally putting visitors off. Some of this could be less to do with your website specifically and more to do with your business brand. Pay a professional to personally review your site and brand if you believe this could be the case.

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.

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