5 Recent Innovations In Vaping Technology

5 recent innovations in vaping technology

Since the beginning of the vaping industry, product manufacturers and industry leaders have aimed to consistently improve the vaping experience. Ever since, more people have turned to the world of vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes; not just because it’s safer, but also because of the cutting-edge products.

Today, the vaping industry looks entirely different than when it started. Modern vaping tech now creates the smoothest vaping experiences with enhancements like Bluetooth, voice activation, and better batteries.

Here are five of the most recent innovations that are changing the game when it comes to vaping technology.

Improved Pod Systems

Gone are the days when the box mod was the most popular vaping device. While some veteran vapers may still prefer this kind because of the power and strong smoke they create, the majority of the vaping population has transitioned to a pod system.

Rather than use the typical 510 thread battery and bulky cartridges, a pod system allows for a sleek, portable vaping device that can be used discreetly in various places.

There have even been advancements within the pod system itself. Recently, some models have stood out as innovative because they reduce leakage, eliminate air flow loss, and fit comfortably around the mouth.

These smaller pod systems are easy to charge in the car, while at work, or at home through a universal USB port. Many pod systems have quick-charging abilities, making it easy to reach a full charge before taking the pod out for the night.

Battery Advancement

Batteries on vaping devices have also significantly improved. In the beginning, batteries were clunky and did not hold a charge very well. Today, you can find any kind of vaping battery that you need.

For those looking to produce large vape clouds or perform tricks, box mod vapes can provide the effects you’re looking for.


One piece of technology that many vapers didn’t know they needed until it existed is the Bluetooth-enabled vaping device. Now you can get Bluetooth-connected vapes that allow the user to closely monitor their usage and vaping habits.

In addition, the Bluetooth upgrade also allows the vaper to lock the device. This way, other people can’t use it if the device gets lost or stolen.

Some people have used this innovation to monitor and reduce their nicotine intake, while others simply use it to gauge when they will need to refill the vape. No matter what, it’s making vaping safer and more personal.

Voice Activation

Fourth generation vapes have hit the market, bringing with them new features and functions that didn’t exist before. One of these is voice activation. You can typically find this feature on large box mods because they need a lot of computer power to react to dictation.

These mods can interpret spoken commands and carry them out. Vapers can control things like lights, power wattage, and temperature through their voices with these smart devices.

Sub-Ohm Vapes

Sub-Ohm vapes are a particular subset of vapes that produce intense vapor clouds, which some users prefer. Manufacturers have noted the increase in demand for these products and have begun producing more innovative clearomizers with sub-ohm atomizer coils.

The Latest & Greatest In Vape Technology

As our modern world advances, so will vape technology. That’s become apparent over the last couple of years and it only makes vapers around the world more excited for the advancements to come in the future.

Enhance your vaping experience with one or more of the vape innovations mentioned above and prepare to be amazed at how far vaping has come!

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