5 Things You Are Doing That Are Impacting Your Productivity

Productivity – it’s the key to success, whether you are a business owner, an employee, or a freelancer working from home. The trouble is, many of you are likely to be doing things that are having an adverse impact on your productivity. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through some of the most common issues faced by professional people. Fix them, and you will get more out of your day, every day. Let’s take a closer look.

Working Too Long

Overtime is, more or less, a standard these days. Everyone is keen to show their worth by putting their heads down, working long hours, and being seen to be doing their bit. But is it worthwhile? In short, no. People who work for longer each day are less productive than people who work for standard hours. It’s not a modern phenomenon, either. In fact, Henry Ford introduced the 40-hour week for this precise reason. Yes, staying late every night might impress your boss. But, you will do more work by spending less time in the office.

Taking On Too Much

This problem affects both employees, freelancers, and business owners alike. DO you find it hard to say ‘no’? If so, there’s every chance you are just taking on too much. It will affect your productivity because there will be so much on your mind. You will find yourself doing two, three, maybe four tasks at the same time. Learn to say no when you have too much on – and you will find you are far more productive.

Too Much DIY

Business owners are especially guilty of this one. They just don’t know when to let go and want to keep tight control over everything. It’s not a good move. For a start, you are likely to have expertise in one – maybe two – areas. The rest? Hand it over to someone with more experience. Hire out your web design, digital marketing, and HR if it gives you the space to do what you do best. Give team leaders the opportunity to shine without micromanaging them. And, give yourself a breather – you will be all the more productive for it.

You Never Finish

Perfectionism is a massive problem in business, particularly for creative types. You work on something for a long time, but it never reaches your expectations. You become reluctant to deliver it on time because you know it isn’t quite right. The only answer is to let it go. Do your best, and stop making changes. Nothing is perfect – and you will start to miss out on success if you fail to let things go. And, you will never be able to move onto the next project and become more productive.

You’re ‘Always On’

Are you always responding to emails and phone calls, no matter what time of night it is? If so, you need to switch off. You are affecting your productivity levels in a big way, and it will get even worse over time. It’s vital to be able to step back, switch off, and take some time out. Without that free time, you will start to fester and lose the ability to focus. Take a break – go for a walk, a workout, or watch some TV. Anything that lets your mind have a rest, and improves your general mood. You will be able to work a lot harder once you start spending time doing activities not related to work.

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