6 Solar Blogs That Are Increasingly Popular This Year

6 solar blogs that are increasingly popular this year

With the topic of climate change becoming a hot topic worldwide, governments are also encouraging people to adopt solar energy. Of course, the sun is the chief source of energy. So taking that energy into effect so that it can power our homes is an excellent approach to saving the environment.

Other than that, homeowners or businesses who choose to install solar panels get added benefits. They reduce the costs of energy production, and you improve the value of your property by a considerable percentage.

Because of this demand, solar energy companies are springing up. And it’s not shocking to see a massive number of blogs on the internet as well. Here are some of the best six solar blogs that are becoming popular this year.


If you want to transit to installing solar panels in your home, you’ll have to consider so many factors. Therefore, instead of making blind purchases, you need someone who knows this industry holistically.

This blog offers the reader everything they need to know about solar panels. Anything from hiring the best solar company, finding the best solar companies, how to take care of your 

solar panels, and different solar products you can get about the home.

We loved this blog because they invest heavily in ensuring that the content they provide is easy to understand and read.


Many people don’t know how to transit into solar energy. If you ask them, they will tell you that it’s expensive. And so, when the founders of this blog started the company, they realized that selling the solar panels to their community was a challenge.

Hence, they took it up to themselves to educate prospects to show them why solar energy was the go-to option. They also provide information on how they can make the buying process for the clients simple.

You can follow their blog for more information. By the way, they update their blogs occasionally.


The third option on our list is this website, right here.

If it’s your first time installing a solar system in your home or building, finding the right installer is a challenge. And this problem stems up from clients not trusting the installer.

Because of this, the company took up the job of ensuring that prospects find the right installer in their area. They don’t install the units themselves, but they will direct you to a reliable company that can do the job at an affordable price.

Other than that, this blog also provides blogs and news on solar systems.


When looking for advice, most people will cling to service providers or consultants who have the experience. And that’s what SunPower is all about.

The company has been in existence for more than 35 years. And the most exciting part about this company is that they have been able to provide solar systems to businesses and homeowners.

Also, they have an excellent record of providing relevant information to solar prospects and clients.

Solar Power Rocks

What we loved about this blog is the name first. Its name seems to target everyone, including millennials. The blog has been in existence since 2007. And since then, it has been able to gather authority to the extent that large websites such as the New York Times have referenced it.

The website’s approach is different since they try to show clients and prospects the benefits of solar installations financially. Thus, you will get information on incentives, policies, and investment opportunities you can get if you invest in solar energy once you subscribe to their newsletter.

Solar Quotes

Finn Peacock started this blog in 2009. His enthusiasm for solar energy motivated him to start the blog since he saw an opportunity in Australia’s future.

In this blog, readers can get all the information you need about solar installations, the benefits that come with it, and different tools that you can use to ensure that you are getting the most out of your solar panel.

The blog has over 49000 reviews, different articles, and blogs.

Final Thoughts

All the blogs highlighted in this article are high authority sites, even on Google. Therefore, they are trustworthy blogs that you can use to find all the information you require to maintain your solar panels and other solar-related news.

We also noted that these blogs regularly update their content, which is another reason they are trustworthy.

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