4 Tech Upgrades That Will Enhance Your In-Store Experience For Shoppers

4 tech upgrades that will enhance your in-store experience for shoppers

In the past few years, we’ve seen a tremendous spike in shopping trends. Nowadays, consumers rely on technology to get the best products on the market. They have the convenience of browsing the web, purchasing an item, and having it shipped to their home.

However, this is not to say that individuals are not purchasing items in-store. That’s actually far from the truth! Many people still want the experience of purchasing a product and walking out with it in their hands that same day.

So how do you grab the attention of tech-savvy customers or younger shoppers that like to shop online? To do so, you need to enhance your in-store experience just as much as your online presence.

Here are 4 in-store technologies that are sure to attract customers:

LED Lighting

Did you know there are three types of lighting your store needs to be use?

  • Ambient lighting makes sure your shoppers can see everything in the store clearly through well lit spaces.
  • Task lighting helps customers find what they need quickly and easily. They offer lighting to objects of low contrast or small, easy to miss items.
  • Accent lighting is used to spotlight certain areas – usually products you want to attract more attention to.

By making use of all three, you’re giving your shoppers a pleasant experience that clearly showcases your items.

According to lighting professionals, LED bulbs and fixtures are the best way to illuminate your store inside out for ambient, task, and accent lighting. Not only will this upgrade the aesthetics of your store, but it will significantly reduce monthly electric bills.

Large Format Display

Promote your store’s brand and show how products can be used through a large format TV. Strategically place your display in an area where customers can easily view it without craning their necks.

You should use videos and/or high-quality images to show off your storefront, promote sale items, and establish your brand identity to future customers.

If you’re trying to move a specific product, show how it works and how it will benefit consumers. Shoppers will take the time to watch a short clip, and many times will be drawn to the product. Even if they don’t purchase it, they’ll have an engaging, pleasant experience.

Digital signage is far more attractive and effective than a plastic banner or printouts. Long-term, you’ll save more money going with a large format display versus printing dozens of banners, posters, and flyers.

iPads & Tablets

Many customers want to be in charge of their shopping experience and don’t like feeling pressured to buy something by salespeople. An in-store tablet is a great amenity that will allow these shoppers to be in charge of their experience.

iPads give shoppers the option to browse through your catalog without searching the store. They will be able to compare options and find different selections they’re interested in without juggling several items in their hands.

Touch Screen Kiosks

Nothing can replace personal interactions with customers. However, a stationary kiosk located within your store is helpful for speeding up operations.

This is an attractive and versatile upgrade that replaces message boards and digital catalogs. Shoppers will be able to take surveys and offer feedback that will help drive your marketing efforts.

Another great benefit of a touch screen kiosk is it will make your store look tech-savvy, therefore drawing in more customers.


These in-store technology solutions will create a more appealing environment for your current and future customers. Consider the above list of technologies and incorporate them within your shop for a better in-store experience.

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