7 Best Ways To Use Shortcuts On iPhone

7 best ways to use shortcuts on iphone

If you own an iPhone, then you probably know about such a great feature as shortcuts. It is the ability to group or automate the set of specific tasks or launch an application. All you need to do is configure your shortcuts for manual or voice control. Then you do not have to search for a specific function or location on the map for a long time. But what’s the best way to use this feature? Are there some trending tips for newbies? Here are the seven best ways to use shortcuts on the iPhone.

#1- Silence Your Phone In A Particular Situation

This is a great option for those who want to quickly get rid of annoying calls and go about their daily activities. DND Until I Leave shortcut will help you disconnect your smartphone from the outside world and is a great option for introverts. This is very convenient since you will not need to disable anything yourself. Just keep going in the right direction.

#2- Create A One-Tap App To Call Your Partner

Sometimes you may need the help of a friend or partner to deal with any situation. Speed Dial helps you quickly call someone from your address book. Choose a photo for your shortcut, and you can call the right person in one click. This option is also very convenient when you need to hire an essay helper online. Just one click, and you can order paper or find out the status of your assignment.

#3- Control Your Apple TV Anytime

Who came up with such a tiny remote that can be lost even in a small room? If you have the same thoughts, you can download Wake Apple TV and make a quick shortcut. Now you can quickly turn on your Apple TV and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. But you still need to find your remote. If you realize that you have to spend a lot of time, then you should pay for an essay. This advice is very relevant for students who do not have a lot of time.

#4- Get Siri To Take A Photo

Sometimes smartphone users need to take a fast selfie. Let’s say you’re trying to fix something or reading the news. You will need the Say Cheese shortcut. Just one voice command, and Siri will take a photo for you. This option will be especially useful if you want to take a picture with a large number of people and your smartphone is on a tripod.

#5- Shopping List Reminder

Let’s say you need to buy some fruits and sweets for dessert, and you’ve even made a list. But what if you forget to look at your notes? Then you need a Remind Me at Work shortcut. Set up a notification, and you can see the shopping list at the right time. Now you won’t forget about something really important. By the way, users can create many such shortcuts.

#6- Location Finder

Let’s say you need to find the nearest cafeteria or store. Alternatively, you can add locations on the map in advance. But the best option would be a Walk to Coffee Shop shortcut. By the way, you can create any route. Let’s say you are a fan of opera houses. What if you find yourself in another city? Just make one click, and you will get any location that suits your interests.

#7- Leave The Perfect Tip

Lunching in a café or restaurant can be a nightmare if you hate math. Many people are dreading the check because they cannot quickly determine the right tips. But now you have a simple and convenient solution to this problem. Create a Calculate Tip shortcut, and you can quickly determine how much to add.

Who Can Use Shortcuts?

You need iOS 13 or higher to take full advantage of all the available options. There are entire libraries of shortcuts and even a tip calculator to help you automate your actions. You only need to enable any shortcuts to be able to add specific Siri commands or automated tasks. It is very convenient, and you do not need a permanent Internet connection. If you need to deactivate all settings or add any other option, you can do it in the main menu.

Final Words

Process automation is what modern smartphone users need. If you have an iPhone, then you should consider adding at least a few shortcuts. Your life and daily routine will become much more comfortable. Imagine that you now have a personal assistant who will remind you of any activities, help you find the right place on the map, or even turn on your TV. All you need is a few presets. Just a couple of minutes, and you can enjoy automation and even use your smartphone from a distance. This is especially true if you are taking a bath and want to call someone.

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