7 Tips To Optimize Your Site For Visual Search

7 tips to optimize your site for visual search

A new twist in the provision of the modern method of searching is visual search. In this method, the entire request consists of an image, not textual information.

So how do you get more customers to buy your brand through visual search?

Statistics show that today more than half of consumers want to use visual search to find the right product. However, only 8% of companies and brands have provided image search on their websites.

Google Lens is a revolutionary step in the development of this feature. You have to just direct your smartphone to the object you are interested in, and you can find it online.

Many have heard of a service like Pinterest. For a large number of people, this network is a tool for finding inspirational ideas, culinary recipes, handicrafts and so on. 4 years ago, the service provided the Lens function to search for products that you saw in real life on the Internet.

How The Visual Component Affects The Promotion Of Marketing Strategies

Providing Support Information

The visual component has the function of retaining attention and with its help you can tell a lot more information about your company than a monotonous text. Someone might argue with this, but if you thoroughly deal with the visual component, for example, high-quality infographics, charts, tables, you can advance among your competitors.

Increasing The Number Of Backlinks

Backlinks play a huge role in building your search engine rankings. The text component will not be able to provide an increase in the number of backlinks in a short period of time, as infographics and other visual content.

After all, if your visual content is successful, more sources will provide a link to your website.

The Duration Of A Visit To Your Site Will Increase On Average

Everyone has long known that visual content is much more fascinating than textual content. Various video clips, images force consumers to stay on the site for a long time. This will move your website up in the search rankings.

7 Tips To Improve Your Site’s Performance With Visual Search

Increase The Number Of Images In Your Website Library

In order for the visual search function to quickly find the relevant product, you need to enrich your selection with high-quality images. With such a collection, visual search will become the most important factor in attracting buyers. Your system should be ordered and organized using the Uniform Resource Locator. This content organization will help search engines get you higher in the search.

Content Loading Time

Large image sizes will increase your site’s load time and not all users are willing to wait long. It will be easier for them to close the tab with your site and go to another. Therefore, it is worth focusing on a smaller image size, but a high-quality resolution.

Before displaying your content on the site, use image compression services, which will allow you to fit them to the desired size and not damage the load time of your site.

Rational Naming Of Images

The services that process your content pay attention not only to the images themselves, but also to their names. It is important to give a name that will distinguish your images from others and that will not be long and relevant, which will allow search engines to correctly display the position of your website.

Alternative Tags

Such text makes it possible to find out the prescribed information about the image, in case there are problems with loading the content. Alternative tags are loaded before the image, and also tell the user the content of what will be displayed. This method is also necessary for search engine bots that process information about your site.

Tags lift you up in the display of images in search results, which in turn brings more visitors to your site.

Don’t Forget About The Text Component

Visual search puts your company in a winning position, but you can’t completely forget about text information. You need to effectively work out keywords, tags, meta tags, alt tags, headings, and more in order for search engines to differentiate your website from others.

Supplement Your Images With Annotations

This option complements your content and is added to all other text content on your site. The same picture can be used several times, but if it is loaded with different signatures, the search results will change based on the context.

Development Of Chat Bots

Chatbots always help to establish contact with users. It is possible to introduce visual search into this technology so that visitors can quickly find the product they want.

Search boundaries are expanding daily. Online shoppers are increasing the demand for products every day. Fashion visual search will increase the ranking of your company against the background of your competitors.

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