7 Tips To Stunning Potential Clients With Your Presentation

7 tips to stunning clients with your presentation

You are having to prepare a presentation about some of the recent work that you have been doing for a major client. While the subject matter is clear, you want to make sure that you give your best presentation possible. You want to make sure that your clients are more than satisfied with your efforts. Keep in mind that you are the presenter and the one who is in control of the room. Also, make sure that you have prepared well and done your research on your presentation topic.

You will also need to be prepared during your question and answer period. Giving the client options to ask questions allows them to see that you are well versed on the work that you have prepared for them. Explain your background and how it relates to what you need to present. You will also want to have multiple ways of presenting your topic. You will also want to be engaging with your clients. It will help them to feel more comfortable and confident with you while enjoying your presentation more. Most importantly, have a contact telephone number and email address on your presentation and documents handed out, so that the client can follow up with you on additional questions.

Control The Room

Remembering that you are the leader of your client presentation and have control over the room, will help with quieting your nervous anxiety. Take your time and make sure that you are pronouncing your words correctly. Have a guideline at the beginning of your presentation to let your audience know the different sections for your presentation. If there are documents that need to be handed out, do this either at the beginning of your presentation or at the end.

Handing out paperwork can interfere with yours and others in the room thought process. Remember that you wanted them to concentrate on your presentation and nothing else at that time. At the beginning of your presentation is where you may want to tell a story that will captivate your clients like the examples here. Keep in mind that there are extroverts and introverts in the room, so make your story such that it will hold your entire audience’s attention. Using a storyboard will also help with your explanations.

Prepare Well And Do Your Research On The Presentation Topic

It is always a great idea to be well prepared. Outline what you will talk about. Do your research on that topic so well that you will be able to answer any or at least most questions. Refer back to your paperwork if need be to keep yourself on track. Remember to try and not ramble on with useless topics, sentences or subjects. An audience has a short attention span, so use your time wisely.

Let the presentation easily flow from one section of your presentation to the next. As you get through each section, you will feel a sense of pride that you are doing your best and your audience is being captivated by one of your best presentations ever.

Allow For A Question & Answer Period From Your Clients

After you finish your presentation, it is always a great idea for a question and answer period. You will need to decide how long you want this period to be based upon your subject matter. If there is more than one topic, then have a questions and answer period for each topic. Let your clients know that you will take questions and answers on important questions that they have about the subject matter. Also, let them know that you are available for questions later on following the presentation should they think of other questions to ask.

Explain Your Background And How It Correlates To The Presentation Topic

Talking about your background to your clients may surprise them. They will certainly feel more comfortable as they realize that you have the experience needed to make this project work successfully. Base your knowledge and understanding of the topic on the particular subject. Use whatever is in your background that you can correlate to the topic. You will not need to go over your entire background, but just the portion that is suited for the topic of the day.

Offer Multiple Ways Of Showing Off Your Presentation Topic

As you begin your presentation, offer multiple resources for your presentation. You may want to use a PowerPoint presentation to help you explain your topic. You may also want to incorporate a skit to make the subject matter more entertaining for your clients. There is always the important documentation that you need to hand out to your clients for them to know and understand. And as always, make sure that your speaking voice is at its best with positive energy and enthusiasm for your clients.

Be Engaging With Your Audience/Clients

As you begin your presentation with your clients, make sure that you are engaging them as well. There may be something that you will need for them to know first. Set your priorities to ensure that you incorporate everything needed for your presentation topic. As always, you should have key points that will summarize what you mean. Repetition is always important with helping a client to understand your presentation. The more times you repeat a part of your topic, the more likely the client will comprehend and retain the subject matter.

Give A Contact Telephone Number & Email Address Or Follow Up Calls From Your Client

As you make your way to the end of your presentation to your clients, make sure that you leave them with your telephone number and email address so they can contact you for follow up questions. There will almost always be questions that someone forgot to ask during your presentation. This gives your client the confidence in knowing that they can contact you at anytime regarding getting more information needed about your presentation subject matter.

These are 7 great tips and advice for making one of your best client presentations ever. Keep these 7 things in mind as you search through your topic for discussion. As you begin to do each one of these during your presentation, you will leave your clients engaged and more than satisfied that you produced a presentation that they could comprehend and retain, while leaving them motivated in the process.

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