The Top 5 Reasons To Commute By Scooter

reasons to commute to work by scooter

The average commuting time in the NYC Area is 51 minutes, and it takes 29 minutes on average for those in the Big Apple who choose to drive a car to work. And the average nationally for commuting to work is right about at 25 minutes.

Now double that time to allow for the return trip, consider the stress of being stuck in thick traffic, and then factor in gasoline costs and parking fees, and it’s easy to see that anyone who is able to escape this kind of daily commute experience has plenty of motivation for doing so.

Scooters are a fast-growing alternative way to commute to/from work, not only in the US, but worldwide. In many big cities, a folding electric scooter is a highly practical, eco friendly, and affordable means of transport.

But in case you’re not yet convinced of the viability of relying on an “e-scooter” to get you to work day by day, here are 5 good reasons why you should reconsider:

Scooters Save Time & Reduce Stress

Many of today’s scooters can move at speeds as high as 25 kph or even 25 mph. That’s fast enough to easily take you 5 to 10 miles each way without spending any more time than if you rode a car through a traffic-packed street.

But in most cases, e-scooters are used to commute just a few miles at most, which means they will probably save you time.

But aside from the numbers, electric scooters are easy and fun to ride on. Traffic will stress you out on your way to work, while scooters let you feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

Scooters Save You Money

Many e-scooter are affordable enough to buy outright so you won’t have to make any payments, and if you do make monthly payments, they’ll be a lot smaller than a car payment. And scooters require no gasoline, which saves you money every day.

But e-scooter are also cost-effective for less obvious reasons. They require no license, plates, or stickers. You don’t need insurance to drive them. Usually, you can park the free of charge.

And finally, maintenance is typically minimal, consisting of buying a new battery every few years and maybe changing a tire once in a while.

About the only added expense is a tiny bump in your electric bill, and if your boss lets you recharge off the company’s power source, you don’t have that expense either.

Scooters Help Save The Planet

“Environmentally friendly” eminently describes modern electric scooters as a commuting alternative. What could be greener?

You burn zero fossil fuel, leave no smoky exhaust behind you, and don’t even create any speakable “noise pollution” like the traffic around you does.

And the durability of e-scooters means you can use the same one for many years, and at the end of your scooter’s life, many of the parts can be recycled.

Folding E-Scooters Save Space

Another great descriptor word for electric scooters is “compact.” You can “park” them almost anywhere, even in a closet or under your office desk. Or, you can park them anywhere a bicycle may be parked.

Many of the best models weigh only 25 to 30 pounds and can be conveniently folded and carried. Many workers who work on upper stories have even been known to carry them up on the elevator!

Scooters Are Safe To Drive

Scooters can only go 15 to 30 mph, depending on the model, and that’s both a safe speed and one fast enough to get you from point A to B in a reasonable amount of time.

And if you wear a helmet, gloves, leather jacket, and other protective gear, use lights when commuting at night, and follow all traffic rules (don’t share lanes with cars!), scooter commuting is extremely low-risk.

If you live not too far from where you work and are sick of fighting traffic and spending a lot of money on gas, and struggling to find a good parking space, a top-tier brand and model of e-scooter could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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