A Plane Turned Around Because Of An Overwhelming Smell Of Poo

You never know where you’ll be when nature calls.

The pilot on British Airways flight BA105 to Dubai decided to turn the plane around and go back to London on Thursday after an overwhelming smell of poop filled the cabin.

A passenger on the flight, Abhishek Sachdev, told the Daily Mail that after just 30 minutes into the flight, the pilot requested to see the senior cabin crew. Ten minutes later, the pilot informed passengers that they may have noticed a smell, blaming “liquid fecal excrement.” The pilot reassured passengers that it was not a technical problem.


Sending back a plane due to a smell does not happen very often, but it’s a judgment call on the pilot’s part and depends on how sensitive he or she is to passengers’ noses (and stomachs).

There wasn’t enough Poo-pourri in the world to fix the situation, and the plane returned to Heathrow Airport, where at least one passenger had to wait 15 hours for the next available flight.

The airline offered hotel accommodation and food vouchers for the passengers.

The culprit remains unknown. But whoever denied it supplied it.

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