Accidents? What Accidents? Ensuring Your Bad Luck In Business Stays In The Past

business accidents

You’ve had your fair bit of bad luck in the past haven’t you? I mean you never meant for that factory worker to slip on that floor or for that girl on reception to hurt her back carrying all those heavy packages did you? Health and safety is all so important these days and it’s so vital for your business that you come up to all of these modern standards.

The first thing you need to do in order to protect all your workers as well as yourself is to carry out a thorough risk assessment. When you walk around the office, you will have to identify any potential risks that could occur in your workplace; be it the jagged edges on some of the cabinets, the kettle plugged in at your desk or some of the machinery that you use to copy and print documents. Once these have been noted, you will have to discuss any precautions that you could take; for example, you should really have put a warning sign next to that wet floor shouldn’t you? Extra equipment like safety glasses, gloves and footwear will also be provided if necessary for the needs of the business. Moreover, the risk assessment should be carried out relatively regularly as new equipment and therefore new hazards will arise. If you’re still unsure about what this entails, you can hire a company like EW’s health and safety consultant service to help you along the way.

It’s also vitally important that you start a health and safety log to record the accidents that happen in the workplace. This will help cover your back as well as giving you the chance to improve this for next time. Your workers will also be satisfied that you have carried out extra precautions to ensure their welfare in the office business.

If you workers are doing something new in the workplace that they’ve not been trained for, then you should think about hiring training teams to come into the business and teach some of the workforce about how to stay safe whilst doing their new roles. The workers will benefit from these seminars and strive to be extra observant in the foreseeable future. They will also feel that they belong firmly in the heart of the office too. If your budget can not stretch that far, why not get a high end member of staff who has been trained previously to take the seminar. Again, he will feel honored to be asked and will relish this new responsibility.

Health and safety is an essential part of your business nowadays. No matter how you feel about it, each risk needs to be quashed by a necessary precaution. With a thorough risk assessment and general carefulness in the office, your business will not only thrive but also be respected and loved by a buoyant workforce who most of all feel appreciated and safe. Finally, those accidents that happened in the past will be far distant memories. Accidents? What accidents?

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