Are You A Wannabe Property Magnate? Here’s Where You’re Going Wrong

In today’s real estate market, many realtors continue to sell their properties in the way that they always have. They put their listings up on websites in much the same way as their competitors. Building a competitive advantage can be difficult.

But what methods really work when it comes to selling real estate? And how do some wannabe property magnates let themselves down?

Let Buyers Try Before They Buy

The property market is a strange one. We part with hundreds of thousands of dollars, and yet we don’t get a chance to try out houses before we buy them. Today you can test drive cars, try out new appliances and play with most expensive products before you make the decision to purchase. But with the most expensive financial decision of them all, buying a house, you can’t.

Cutting edge property magnates are trying to find a solution to this to drive their sales and improve their marketing. They’re taking advantage of services, like Airbnb, which allow buyers to try before they buy.

Make Them Feel A Part Of The Local Community

It’s often said that the best marketing tool in the world is real estate referrals. When customers refer other customers to your business, they’re far more likely to make the purchase. Innovative real estate sellers are now looking for ways to use local communities to sell properties in their inventory. They understand that there’s often a significant emotional barrier to moving to a new area. They know that their customers worry that they won’t be welcomed by a new community. So they’re hosting community events to try to introduce people to new communities and help them to blend in.

Setting up these events is surprisingly easy, thanks to social media tools like Facebook groups, Google + and LinkedIn Groups. You can also use tools, like Meetup. Creating events on these sites is easy. Just sign up, and then alert prominent figures in the local community about the event.

Give Customers A Different Perspective

The very best way to sell a property is to use images and video. People want to be able to see and feel the homes that they are interested in buying. They want to imagine themselves living there ahead of time. The problem is that today, many people in real estate undersell their properties. They focus on written descriptions rather than images and videos of the house itself.

Technology now means that it’s easier than ever to sell a house through visual methods. Top people in real estate are now using things like virtual tours and drones to provide compelling footage of homes. If you do use a drone, you may want to use an experienced drone videographer. The more experience that they have, the better will be the overall effect. Remember, most people in real estate are yet to see the value in drone technology. But drones are an inexpensive way to show potential buyers the size of the garden and even the state of the roof.

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