Awesome Apps To Better Organize Your Business

mobile apps for business

Get your smartphone out and get on that app store. There are now multiple ways of making your business more organised and efficient via apps. Mobile technology has effectively allowed us to work from any location in the world, regarding there is phone signal and WiFi. Downloading apps to give your phone the same capabilities as your desktop can greatly increase the convenience and speed at which you and your team work. Here are some examples of apps on the market that every business owner should have.

Personal Organizers

There’s no reason to carry a paper diary or calendar around with you, when you can do it all on your phone. Most mobile models now come with in-built calendars, which are great for organizing your own daily schedule. But what if you have co-workers and employees and need to check your calendar against theirs? Thankfully there are personal organizer apps out there that do just this. You can check your own diary against the diaries of your fellow staff, allowing you schedule in appointments that might need to involve the two of you, as well as helping you to avoid calling someone who may be in an important meeting or out of the country.

Accounting Apps

Keep on top of business transactions whilst on the go by downloading an accounting app to match whatever software you may have on your PC. If you’re out of the office and need to make a record of an expense, you can do it there and then instead of having to make a mental note of it for later. Also, if you’re out of the office with a client and need to check that a payment was made, you can simply check your app and not have to ring anyone or trudge down to a bank for a statement.

Business Organisation Charts

A lot of people are visual learners, which is why charts and graphs can be beneficial. With ordinary programs these can be arduous to produce. Thankfully, technology has made it possible to do more in less time. You can now produce flashy and complex charts with the click of a few buttons with chart building apps. Having these as apps means that you can also produce them on the go. If you’re commuting to work via train and want to plan a quick presentation for the morning, you can rustle up all the necessary graphs on your phone, putting that boring commute time to good use.

Rota Building Software

Rotas often need to be updated on the go. A staff member could ring in sick whilst you’re at home or request a change of work hours whilst you’re out of the office. Having your rota on an app means that you can alter it straight away from any location. You can also encourage co-workers to download such apps and share the rota with them so that they always have the real-time updated version of it.

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