Top Free Christmas Apps To Entertain Your Kids

free christmas apps for kids

Holiday season is the season of spreading joy, warmth, happiness, and love. Marked with decoration, feasting of good food, and gifts galore, it is also the time when most game and app developers come out with their latest fare or an iteration of the existing flagship product to cash in on the festive spirit. With a pre-teen generation that has taken on to mobile phones, tablets and internet based devices, these apps provide a gateway for some great user engagement. However, for parents, it also becomes essential that the content they download or provide access to their kids to, strictly adheres to being safe and does not promote profanity or violence – things detrimental to the kid’s psychology.

With that context, let’s do a quick run through some of the popular apps, and games that are celebrating the Holiday spirit and providing great engagement and experience for users.

Elf Yourself

Elf Yourself from Office Depot Inc., is one of the most popular app celebrating the Christmas theme. A ticker on the app, tells you the number of dancing elves (currently over 1.5 billion) that have been created. The app usage is simple. Users get the option of taking pictures through the device camera, access the image library or gallery of the device or access Facebook to select image (read faces they want to the elves). You can select up to 5 images/faces to put up. Once you have done that, it’s time for Let’s Dance. There are 18 theme music that users can select from to set the dance floor on fire. The current iteration provides two theme music – Secret Santa and 80’s for free, others need to be bought. In addition, you can also add a custom greeting message which will be displayed at the end of the dance routine. Users get the option sharing the custom dance video via email, or post on Facebook. It’s time to put your face to some great dance moves.

Christmas: Starring You! By Storybots

From the house of JibJab Media Inc., Christmas: Starring You! is meant for kids in the age bracket of 5 and under. Like Elf Yourself, the app allows users to add up to 5 images (read faces) to the animated bots. To keep the app environment safe and only limited to the kid’s demography, the app sends a captcha like code that needs to answered in the correct sequence and finally, it will ask the users (in this case parents) to create a free account on the platform. Once you are through with that you can select the theme music and get an animated video created of the human faced bots.

Free Call From Santa

A great free app that can be accessed from your smartphone, the Free Call From Santa app, keeps the magic of Christmas alive for children of all ages. The app works on the principle that parents and grandparents secretly send in the phone call by clicking on the Santa logo, telling the man from North Pole what on their children’s mind.

The children get an opportunity to ask questions, and get their answers. Plus, these are live and interactive phone calls with Santa Claus and friends. None of the these are Pre-Recorded Calls or canned Pre-Recorded messages! For parents in military service, the app has been able engage Santa Claus, kids and their father or mother, deployed with the US military. Each call Santa conversation concludes with a personalized good bye to each child! Why to wait then? Go ahead, call Santa and talk with him directly!

Christmas Tale

This amazing and exciting Christmas app for children by TabTale is all about the festivities and joy that Christmas ushers in. Christmas Tale comes with an interactive story that features exclusive sound effects and graphics. Children will get to experience the Christmas excitement with the elves and Santa through an engaging story that includes activities for both parents and children. The game also includes the countdown to the Christmas day with educational and fun activities filled in every page. The Christmas Tale is among the most popular interactive games to be downloaded with downloads exceeding 1.3 million! It is a fun-filled Christmas app that the entire family can enjoy.

So this Holiday season, allow your kids to experience these apps and feel safe and sound with the content on display.

Happy App and Gaming Holidays!

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