Brand Your Business The Right Way

how to brand your business

Businesses both large and small benefit hugely from a strong brand. Not only is this important in giving you widespread recognition, it also helps to build credibility and ensures that people put their trust in your company. A strong brand encapsulates everything about your business from the moment it is first seen. Remember that you don’t want everything to be too broad or you will end up having the opposite effect to what is intended. So, here is a quick guide to the various steps involved in creating a brand.

Start With A Great Logo

Your logo forms the centerpiece of your brand and is how people will come to recognize your business. Many people turn to a cheap, high quality logo design company to give their logo a professional edge. The best logos are simple, but effective. Just think about some of the biggest brands in the world and how instantly recognizable they are. Nike is a good example of how a simple shape can end up defining an entire company and everything it stands for. Once your logo has been created, you will want to use it in as many places as you can.

Create Your Messaging And Guidelines

This is where you will start to go into more detail about your brand. Think about the key messages that you would like to communicate and they ways in which you can get these across. If you have a team of employees, everyone should be well-versed in your the specific attributes you are promoting. Then, go about creating some brand guidelines that clearly define how it should be used if external companies are planning to use it.

Think Up A Tone Of Voice For Your Business

Your brand isn’t only about the visual aspects of your company, but also how you refer to yourself and communicate with your clients. Are you aiming for a more fun, informal tone of voice or one that is more knowledgeable and business-like? The type of language you use can play a huge role in how your company is perceived by your wider client base. You will also want to come up with a tagline which is short, snappy and sums up everything your company stands for.

Consider How Your Brand Will Be Used On Marketing Materials

Your brand will be much more than just a logo. It will also involve the general color scheme and style that you use throughout all your marketing materials. You want to aim for a strong level of consistency throughout everything you create, so people are able to easily associate this with your company. When your brand sets out a series of promises, make sure that you stay true to them so that you maintain your credibility.

Businesses spend a great deal of time, effort and money protecting their brand images, so it is hugely important that you treat this area of your company seriously. If you do, you will be in the best position to start reaping the rewards.

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.