How Can Modern Tech Help Your Business Organize Its First Promotional Event

organize your first business event

In the world of modern business, utilizing technology to its full capabilities is a priority in all aspects. Most entrepreneurs appreciate the rewards it can bring to productivity, efficiency, and profitability. When it comes to offline live events, though, it’s very easy to assume that tech’s influence is very limited. But you’d be very, very wrong.

On the contrary, modern technology can be your best friend before, during, and after the event. Here are four key factors that will enable you to see the best results.

Location Scouting

The choice of venue for your promotional event is imperative to the success of the day. A few hours of online research should help you find the perfect place to host your event. Or you could acquire the help of a commercial event planner to ensure that the planning stages run as smoothly as physically possible. As well as getting the best prices, you can use reviews to settle your nerves too.

Of course, there are many situations where you may simply wish to hold the event on your own premises. Either way, the right location gives you a great foundation going forward.


No promotional event can be considered a success if there isn’t an audience to enjoy it. Marketing the event in a manner that will generate the strongest level of response is vital. Digital campaigns are undoubtedly the best solution on the market.

This could mean using a blog, social media marketing or PPC streams. They are all great financial investments. Meanwhile, they can be tailored to ensure they reach the right audience. Whether those parameters are built around age, location or personal tastes doesn’t matter. As long as those adverts generate a buzz leading up to the event, it’ll have a far greater chance of success.

Operation & Execution

Planning an event requires a lot of hard work, so it’s imperative that it passes by without a hitch. Public speeches can be brought to life with pre-recorded videos and graphics. Meanwhile, those tech features can also add a sense of interaction for increased engagement. If your business deals in consumer tech, you can also let them test those elements out.

Perhaps most importantly, CCTV and other tech can be used for protection. It’s still important to hire security guards for special events. Nonetheless, the additional safety offered by tech elements is key. If nothing else, those recordings will provide evidence if a situation surfaces.

Post-Event Conversions

The success of an event isn’t judged solely on the day itself. While mobile POS systems can allow you to complete sales there and then, follow ups are the key to many conversions. If you’ve taken details at the event, email marketing is the perfect way to keep the business fresh in mind while focusing on a soft sell.

Customer testimonials and reviews may also go a long way to recruiting new clients. Combine this with photos of the event to further promote the business on the web, and the positive influence should last for ages.

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.