You Can Now Edit Microsoft Office Files From Gmail

Gmail just made it easier to edit Microsoft Office documents from within your inbox.

Google updated Gmail with a new feature that allows users to automatically open and edit Office files with Google Drive.

“We realize that as a Docs user, you still sometimes have to work with different file types, so we often launch updates to make it a little smoother for you,” the company wrote on Google+. “It’s now even easier for you to edit Office files where you often come across them — as attachments in your email.”

When Office files are emailed as attachments, Gmail now includes an “Edit with Google Docs” option. Selecting this option automatically converts the document and opens it in Docs, Sheets or Slides.


While this is especially convenient for those who don’t have Microsoft office installed, Google notes it’s also beneficial for collaboration as all changes are automatically synced to the cloud and all collaborators can keep tabs on the most recent version of the document at any time.

Google also added support for 15 new Microsoft Office file types, including .pps and .ppsx presentation files, along with templates and macro-enabled files. The company says it has also improved its ability to convert charts, tables and graphics within documents

Users who wish to open and edit Microsoft Office files in Drive without converting the file type can also do so, Google points out, with the Office Editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides Chrome extension. The extension allows users to open and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in Google Drive, even if they don’t have Microsoft Office installed.

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