Car Safety Technology We Need To See More Of In The Future

car safety technology we need to see more of in the future

The automobile industry is a breeding ground for exceptional technology. If you love great tech, you can always guarantee some cool stuff in the latest cars. Some of this tech is flashy and doesn’t serve a purpose other than to be, well, impressive! It’s the type of technology you like to show off to your friends to make them jealous. However, cars are also packed full of a variety of incredibly useful safety technologies. Today, we’re outlining some of the standout features that we hope to see more of in the years to come!

Automatic Braking

Auto-brake assist is perhaps the best technology in the modern vehicle. Using sensors around the car, your vehicle will automatically slam on the brakes if it senses danger. This avoids so many common accidents – like driving into the car in front of you. Hopefully, this tech gets developed even further in the future. One thing we’d particularly like to see is auto-brake assist in large vehicles, like trucks. If you speak to expert truck accident lawyers, they’ll tell you that most accidents are caused by truckers not seeing the car they hit. Trucks have too many blind spots, so this technology can provide some extra eyes. Think about the thousands of accidents this could prevent each year on the roads!

Autonomous Driving

Is this technically a safety technology? Autonomous driving is, without a doubt, the coolest technology around. Cars can drive themselves, permitting you time to relax. Some drivers have used this tech to improve safety by triggering it when a call comes through. Now, the car drives along while you take a call, keeping everyone safe. In the future, this technology can be enhanced to prevent drunk driving or sleep-driving accidents. If the car detects too much swerving, it can automatically kick in and take control away from the driver. Here, it will drive to a safe place – on the side of a road, perhaps – and park the car. Thus, potentially fatal accidents can be prevented.

Shatterproof Windows

Okay, this is more of a physical technology than anything else. Shatterproof windows are exactly what they sound like – windows that won’t shatter when hit with objects. We’ve all seen the hilarious video of Elon Musk’s Tesla truck claiming to have bulletproof windows, only to smash on the demo! Well, if this technology can be enhanced and improved, it will be a lifesaver for many. People will feel much safer in a car that can’t be penetrated by objects or bullets. It could also make car maintenance more affordable by cutting down the cost of window repairs!

Along with things like drones, car technology is some of the most exciting stuff on the market. It’s fascinating to see what the next thing will be. Also, it’s interesting to look at the existing technologies and see where they can be improved. Above, you’ve seen our top three pieces of car tech that we’d like to see more of. Hopefully, more developments are made that get the most out of this tech.

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