Choosing The Best Social Media Platform To Make Your Business Prosper

social media for business

Social media is becoming a larger and larger part of modern business. As Facebook, Twitter and other networks have grown in popularity, dozens of companies have seen the huge marketing potential. With this, many corporate giants have devoted more and more to building their social media presence. Surely you don’t want to leave this kind of gold mine to the big firms! You marketing resources may be low, which could limit you to a single social media platform. For a little more insight into choosing the right one for your business, here’s a brief guide.

Twitter is probably the most versatile social media platform in terms of business. Regardless of the size or trade of your business, Twitter can be used by anyone. The whole format of this platform doesn’t really allow much of a niche to form. With only 140 characters, carrying out a successful campaign really doesn’t take a lot of work. Humor and personality go a long way here, especially for brands. You can start and join all kinds of different conversations relating to your company or target market. If you want to do all your planning and then just sit back, there are apps such as Buffer, which will let you schedule your tweets in advance.

Next up, Instagram. This is better suited to creative sole traders or businesses. Since starting up, it has established itself as one of the leading artist’s social networks. Because Instagram is primarily a visual platform, the average posting rate is lower than Twitter or Facebook. This can be valuable to you if your social media resources are very stretched. One thing you have to consider is that Instagram is a network centered around leisure time. People aren’t going to glance briefly at their Instagram feeds for a joke or a headline. Considering this, try to release new content at the right time. Target evenings, lunch hours and other points in the day when your target audience will have time on their hands.

If your firm is B2B or in a more professional arena, then LinkedIn is probably the best social tool for you. This is a great place for you to tell people about your business with a complete, detailed profile. This itself can be optimized using simple SEO. The main feature of this platform is building your business’s professional network. Fan out the reach of your business. Add as many real connections as possible, and try to open dialogue between second or third connections. It’s also a great method of scouting your competitors!

Here you have just three social media platforms which can provide fantastic benefits to a business. Obviously, it doesn’t stop here. Whatever kind of business you’re running and however you’d like to relate to your customers, there’s an online community for you. The most important thing to remember is to assess the character of the platform you choose. Within each network, look for the perfect balance between professionalism and being relatable. Soon, you’ll see why so many businesses are more involved with social media.

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