Simple Ideas To Get More From Social Media

Is your business using social media in the best possible way? If not, read on – we have put together some of the best ideas on the web for making the most of your Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media channels. Let’s take a closer look with some of the basics.

Stake Your Claim

First of all, make sure that you have a presence on all social media channels. Regardless of whether or not they are worthwhile for you – more on which later – it’s still a vital process. You need to claim your name before someone else does, and consistency across all channels is essential. If someone else uses your name, then there is every chance that a customer could come across that page anyway. And, they might think the page in question is representing your company. As you have no quality control on that page, you can see what sort of problems could arise.

Use The Right Tools

There is a host of tools out there – many f which are free – that help you get hold of your social media channels a lot tighter. Take Hootsuite, for example. You can pull up instant info on your Twitter and Facebook accounts, link them, and see relevant stats in one simple glance.

Follow The Rules Of Social Media Marketing

There is a right way, and a wrong way, of marketing on social media. For example, it’s common knowledge that social media followers switch off if they are fed promotional posts. Mix things up a little and provide them with better information, or valuable thoughts and ideas. They will appreciate it a lot more, and you should see a rise in your followers, and your social shares. Check out this post for a more in-depth look at some of the important SMM rules. There is some valuable info elsewhere on the web, too, as a quick online search will tell you.

Be More Visual

Visual content and posts tend to perform better than long, written posts on social media. So, try mixing things up a little to improve your engagement rates. Creating infographics can be a time drain – or cost you a pretty penny – but they are highly shareable and informative. You can also try creating some videos – it’s never been cheaper to make your own,  even from your smartphone. And, if you still can’t seem to make an impression on people, then you can always fall back on a picture of a cute cat. Just make sure that it has some relevance to the message you are trying to get out there!

Don’t Flog A Dead Horse

Finally, not every social media channel will work for you. So, if you aren’t performing in a particular area, don’t start throwing money at in an attempt to reverse your fortunes. There’s probably a good reason it isn’t working – so concentrate on improving on your successes.

OK, so that’s all we have time for today. Feel free to let us know if you have any more tips on improving social media performance – the comments section is waiting!

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