Instagram Now Helps You Unfollow People You Don’t Interact With

It happens all the time. You’re on vacation, and decide to connect with locals through Instagram. Weeks go by, and all those people you followed during your trip are starting to clutter your feed. To reduce the noise, and help you see more relevant and meaningful content, Instagram has launched a new feature that will allow you to check people you’ve least interacted with within the past 90 days.

The process is quite simple:

  • Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • Go to your profile, then tap on “Following”.
  • Tap on “Least interacted with”.
  • Unfollow the people you don’t want to see on your timeline anymore.

instagram least interacted with screenshot 1

You can sort people from your most recent follows, as well as your earliest follows.

instagram least interacted with screenshot 2

You can even see people who you see a lot on your timeline under “Most Shown In Feed” section and mute them if you need to.

This new feature will let you clear up your timeline and follow people who you want to interact with more on Instagram. It’s definitely a step in the right direction with all the content that floods our feed on a daily basis. What do you think?

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Amir H. Nasr Editor-in-Chief Instagram: @amir_nasr Twitter: @AmirNasr