Why You Should Consider Outsourced Marketing

outsource your marketing

At the start of their journey, a lot of small business owners are dead-set on doing everything themselves. Everything from their HR to their marketing is managed by higher-ups with no specialized experience. You may all be 110% devoted to the success of your business, but this will only get you so far. While I see the appeal in handling all your own marketing, if you pursue this you may end up shooting yourself in the foot. Here are some of the reasons to consider outsourcing your marketing.

The first benefit to outsourced marketing, which I know all business owners will find appealing, is that it costs far less. Okay, if you’re currently dividing all your marketing work between yourself and your upper management, then it may feel like you’re saving a fortune. However, when you consider the results you’re getting, you may find that handling your own marketing costs a lot of valuable time. If you were to hire a professional marketing team with the same competence as an independent agency, then you’ll also end up having to fork out a lot in wages. When you hire a good marketing agency, you can be sure that you’ll get a much better return on investment, and won’t burden your little operation with debt!

Another great benefit of outsourcing your marketing is that it gives you a fresh, professional perspective on what you’re already doing. I hate to tell you this, but as a boss you’re a little intimidating. Your staff know their place, and even if they think you could be handling your marketing better, it takes a lot of gall to tell someone how to run their business. However, when you hire in an independent creative agency, they’ll have no problem pointing out what you could be doing better. While these outside experts will try to keep their customers happy, they’re also used to coming into a business and pointing out its marketing weaknesses. When you outsource your marketing activities, it may open your eyes to problems in your strategy you never would have thought of before.

Finally, it will reduce your employee turnover. One of the worst things about running a start-up is that your best talent comes and goes far too quickly. Because your company is so small and unknown, you’re only really going to be able to hire people for entry-level positions. These kinds of professionals will be hungry for their career to progress, and will probably take the first position at a larger company they can find. Depending on how long they were with you, this can mean that you’ve effectively wasted all the time and money you invested into training them. When you outsource your marketing to an agency, you won’t run the risk of spending all that money on a marketing team, only to have them leave within the coming year!

While it’s certainly possible to handle your own marketing and be successful, there are many upsides to outsourcing it. Think very carefully before making your decision!

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