Cool Household Gadgets To Make Your Life Easier

cool household gadgets to make life easier

Technology has revolutionized how people live their lives and it has affected even our lives at home. Here are a few of the great household gadgets that have been lauded for their help in the household:

Smart Home LED Light Bulb

They were not kidding when they started calling smartphones as the “future at your fingertips.” Smartphones are primarily used for communications, but now, you can control some equipment as well as devices in your home with them too. One of the most innovative features of smartphones is the ability to control certain light bulbs. By using smart home technology, developers were able to make an LED light bulb that responds to controls in your smartphone. You only have to install an app for the control functionalities and fit the bulb into the socket and you are good to go.

Plus, these light bulbs are more energy efficient, which will help the environment and will lessen your electrical bills as well.

Robot Vacuum

There was a time during our childhood when we imagined having a robot as our house helper. While we are still far from that reality happening, having a robot vacuum is the next best thing available now that resembles our childhood fantasies. Most robot vacuums that are available in the market right now come with apps that enable users to control the movement of the robot vacuum even when they are not home. Some also have accessories in order to help the cleaning process efficient such as a virtual wall (to block areas of the home that the robot vacuum is not supposed to go to) as well as brush bars (to suck up dirt from the floor).

Paint Sprayer

Not confident in doing a painting job in your home by yourself? By using a paint sprayer, painting walls and furniture is easier than ever. Complete painting your bookshelves and dressers in a fast manner. You can use either the handheld paint sprayer, turbine as well as the airless models so that you will no longer have to get the services of a professional painting team.

Check out the Tool Nerds website to find the best paint sprayer. They have a collection of reviews for various types, models and brands of paint sprayers that will help you pick the one that will work for you.

Smart Alarm System

With the various improvements in technology, one of the beneficiaries of the latest tech solutions is home security. Before, houses had to rely on a complicated mess of an alarm system and even a dog to make sure that their homes are safe from burglars. Now, alarm systems can be controlled using an app installed on your smartphone. With just a tap on your smartphone, you will be able to ensure that your doors are locked and secure.

Electronic Door Lock

We have all experienced that one time when we forgot our keys inside the room and we had to wait outside for hours for the locksmith to arrive. Now, with electronic door locks rising in prominence, who needs keys? While the most common electronic door locks are those that make use of a keypad and has numeric passcodes, a number of models now make use of pattern codes. Some even have Braille integrated, which will be very helpful for people with visual impairment.

Eco Dish Cleaner

Tired of having to deal with the inefficiency of dishwashing detergents? Are you an environmentalist that is concerned with the effect of dishwashing substances on the earth’s water supply? Eco dish cleaners may be the answer that you are looking for. These eco cleaners use ultrasonic waves to ionize food particles that are left out on the dishes. These particles can then be used as compost for your plants in the garden.

Water Shade

Fruits are notoriously easily spoiled. Water shades will be able to help keep fruits fresh by keeping moisture locked. This device is both a cover and a dish that will also be able to protect the fruit from any exterior factors that can affect its state.

Using a few of the gadgets mentioned above, you can ensure that you life at home is easier and more convenient.

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