The Top Four Reasons To Design Your Own PCB

the top four reasons to design your own pcb

This article looks at why you would want to design your own PCB and how this has become a lot more common that you may have thought. It’s a brief synopsis of why you would choose to build your own PCB and how this can be achieved.


The PCB is arguably the cornerstone of the age that we live in. Technology is intrinsic in modern society, and arguably, it’s all driven by the printed circuit board and the connections that are made therein. It’s a sector that came to the fore in recent times, with a global shortage in the component parts and chips required to produce PCBs that underpin modern internet connectivity and digital device use across the globe.

Why Design Your Own?

1- Making Your Own PCB Will Save You Time

Being able to design and create a PCB that is bespoke to what you need for a business, entertainment, or production hardware process is going to save you time and possibly money. Knowing exactly what you need and why is the starting point and with readily available and simple-to-understand software like Altium, you have the ability to design exactly what you need as soon as you know you need it. No more waiting for a developer to finalize the design, test it, and then send it off to be manufactured. Designing it yourself will shorten the entire process.

2- More Control

You can have exactly what you need and want on the circuit board. You are able to test and change as you go, either as you build it or, if you have the right software, this can be done in the design phase. You also have the final say in exactly what components are used, where they are from and how much you intend to spend on them.

3- Use The Available Chips And Parts

Knowing exactly what components you have at hand and how they can be used will enable you to design a PCB based on what you have available. This is a great way to save both time and money. You may need to source additional components and connectors, but on the whole, using software such as that previously mentioned will allow you to use what you have to hand.

4- Simple And Straightforward

Designing and even making your own bespoke PCB, whether this is for your home PC or to add gaming capability to a desktop PC or laptop is no longer the preserve of the design or electrical engineers out there. The software as well as the instructional videos and clips on channels such as YouTube now allow even the least tech-minded individuals to design and build their own PCB.

The PCB is essentially the basis of modern digital and computing interactions. This article shows that these are also components that are becoming more commonplace and understood. The ability to design and then build your own PCB is now something that can be done by anyone, as and when the need arises.

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