AirPlus – A Wireless Charging & Protective Case For Your Apple AirPods

Just under two year ago, Apple took the strange yet brave decision to completely remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but along with the headphone jackless iPhone, Apple also announced AirPods, its first-party solution, designed to make wire-free music bliss something the masses would want to use. They were so popular at launch that almost every tech blog on the internet wrote about them.

We all love our AirPods, and can’t imagine a day going by without using them. They help us listen to our favorite music, take phone calls when on the move, and they just look amazing!

While AirPods are amazing, they’re not perfect! They’re delicate, and get dirty, cracked, or scratched easily.

So what do you do to protect them from the evils of the world? AirPlus!

AirPlus is a colorful case with wireless charging for your AirPods. With drop proof, dust proof and water spill resistant features.

The AirPlus doesn’t replace the regular charging case supplied by Apple. It’s more like the Iron Man suit – it keeps your AirPods safe and gives them “wireless superpowers” as the GadgetFlow mentioned.

How Does It Work?

Pop your AirPods into AirPlus. Done.

Yes, it’s literally that simple!

The team behind AirPlus put a lot of thoughts into the design. It’s for everyone, not only people with a wireless charger. Effortless installation and removal make it only a second away from charging AirPods with a cable to benefit from its protection and stylish.

What’s Special About AirPlus?

This protective case is the same price as those shady cases on the market but is more feature rich, designed better and is quality guaranteed. As part of the design process, the team at HiQ went through many drop tests with over 20 combinations of materials and compositions to find the perfect, extremely durable compound to protect your AirPods.


AirPlus is super lightweight at just 25 grams, and is made of a flexible material that allows you to smoothly insert or remove your AirPod as needed. This case also has an accessible pairing button and LED notification light that lets you connect your device to a wireless charger and easily monitor its progress.

The AirPlus is definitely an cool and affordable add-on worth buying (you’ll instantly stand out from the rest of the Apple crowd with them). The ability to simply charge your AirPods is very time saving and just so convenient! Doing all this while protecting the AirPods you paid so much for is without a doubt a bonus.

I love the design and selection of colors, hopefully the team will introduce new colors and perhaps designs in the future.

Interested in getting your hands on the AirPlus? Head over to the Kickstarter campaign and back the project now (but hurry because the project will only be up till June 11, 2018). They’re just $14 USD and delivery can be expected as of June 2018.

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