Core Characteristics Of A Successful Business

core characteristics of a successful business

Want to know what differentiates the best businesses in the world from the rest? There are some vital characteristics to look out for. Take a read of our top five and see if you can marry them with your entrepreneurial spirit. It could be a match made in heaven.

Ability To Communicate

Great businesses know how to talk – both to their customers and to each other. Your communication starts within your company, of course. Does everyone know their role, and what part they have to play? Are ideas welcome, or shut down without a moment’s thought? Get your internal strategy right, and everyone will be reading off the same page. Which, in the end, means when it comes to communicating with your customers, everything will be much easier.

Ability To Listen

Companies that can listen to their employees and their customers tend to outperform those that don’t. If you have grand ideas, then don’t plough along with them, without keeping your ear open. A good product only becomes a great one if you can listen to what people say about it. You can’t take every suggestion and act on it, of course. But, with better channels open to your staff and clients, there will be nuggets of gold that you can use to improve your offering.

Flexible Environment

You may have noticed a trend towards flexible work environments for employees in recent years. And, there’s no doubt it is here to stay, and will eventually become standard practice. If you want to he best people, you have to be flexible with what you offer, as they will use it as a yardstick to judge your company. Worried about productivity issues? Don’t be. Studies show that businesses that allow a little freedom with working times tend to be more productive than those taking a stricter line.

Makes Use Of Technology

The business world is the same as it always has been in many respects – but there’s no doubt that technology has changed the game. Think of the difference the cloud has made to all aspects of a business – and to competition. It’s a much more level playing field these days, and it gives companies the elasticity they need for safer growth.

Tests Everything

The big question is – does your company make the most out of your tech? Modern businesses need their digital resources working from day one. And, if you want to succeed, thorough testing is vital. It’s not just the product that needs testing, either. Everything in your business from hiring and firing to marketing and advertising needs to have a scientific process behind it.


Finally, the most important characteristic of all – knowledge. Shared wisdom in a company can go a long way towards business success. Make sure that your firm knows what it is talking about across the board. And, also that there is a robust set of best practices that will give you the consistency you need. Keep an eye out for talent, too – those people who can bring more opportunities to the table. Many successful businesses started out with a single idea. But, it is often employees that can mold it into something else.

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