Don’t Miss These Signs Your Computer Has A Virus

your computer has a virus

Imagine your computer is a human. When it’s operating properly, it’s healthy, running about, completing all the tasks it needs to without delay. With a virus, things are different. Your computer is tucked up in bed with a terrible fever and a thumping headache. It can barely do anything and worse still, it’s vulnerable. When your computer has a virus, it can’t defend itself from attacks. That’s when the problems start. Unfortunately, if your computer is virus ridden, all the data held on it is exposed. Hackers can copy it and syphon it off using a Trojan software. Best case scenario, your computer simply ceases to function.

Viruses are far easier to fight back against if you notice them early. If you don’t, you’ll have to mess around with the registry, and you don’t want that!

A Slow Down

Slow down on your computer is exactly as it sounds. Everything is functioning, but unfortunately, nothing is happening as quickly as it should. This can make trying to work on the computer an absolute nightmare. Do you want to test whether your computer virus is the reason it’s running slow? Just have a quick check by entering safe mode. You won’t be able to do anything, but you will be able to judge the speed. If your computer operates slowly in safe mode, there’s a problem with something like storage. On the other hand, if it speeds up, you almost definitely have a virus.

Inaccessible Files

Smart viruses often take over the computer, reducing your rights when you access it. You’ll probably find that certain files are now completely inaccessible. Functions might be off limit too such as deleting a piece of software. If you find you can’t delete a program or file, it’s probably a virus. Unless, you can find what that program is doing on your computer. You can do this by seeing if it appears in the list of processes with CTRL, ALT and delete. Remember, if you think the virus has already done irreversible damage, all is not lost. Using a tool like Reimage , you can rebuild the computer software backup after a virus attack.

New Software

Have new programs been downloaded onto the computer without your knowledge? They are probably a result of a virus. Be aware that deleting them probably won’t rid your machine of the issue. It is, however, an excellent place to start. To find out if the program is something that you don’t need, check your control panel. The list of downloaded software will tell you when it was last used. If it was used recently and you didn’t access it, delete it immediately.

Weird Web

One final sign of a virus is a change to the way your Internet looks and operates. If the homepage of your internet search engine is different, try to change it through the settings. If you can’t, it’s being controlled by something else. To find the route of the problem, you’ll have to perform a virus check on the machine. Usually, the file for the virus is stored in temp files. But, you can’t start randomly deleting this data as it will include important information as well.

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