Entrepreneurs: Here’s What People Won’t Tell You About Having A Website [Infographic]

the importance of a website

As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to have a website. An online home makes your brand accessible to an international audience. Plus, it allows your customers to buy from you 24/7. Even if you’re in bed and asleep!

There are plenty of “tips” that people will tell you when setting up a new website. But, there are also some things that they forget to mention. And if you aren’t aware of those points or issues, you could end up making costly mistakes. So, what should you be aware of?

Your Site Needs A Search Engine

It doesn’t matter if your website has twenty or 2,000 pages. You need to implement some form of search facility for your users. Many visitors will know what they are looking for on your website. Instead of navigating various menus and pages, they will want to search.

If you use a CMS like WordPress, it has a built-in site search facility. Otherwise, consider using Google Custom Search on your website.

It Needs To Be Accessible To All Audiences

You probably know about responsive web design. If you don’t, it’s a concept where a site adapts to the device and screen size the visitor uses. There are other accessibility issues you need to bear in mind.

For example, blind visitors will use screen reading software to “read” your web pages to them. If your site is mainly images, videos, and animations, it will be a pretty dull experience for them.

Be sure that your website is accessible to all people. Otherwise, you risk alienating your visitors.

You Should Perform A Regular SEO Analysis Of Your Site

Last, but not least, search engine optimization is key to growing your site’s popularity. SEO is a dynamic topic, and so it’s best to keep on top of the latest trends and changes. For instance, how much do you know about Google’s “Penguin” updates?

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