A Message To First-Year Entrepreneurs: Web Apps Are Game Changers

web apps are the future

There was once a time when businesses could just put up a website and wait for the phone to start ringing. But with the rise of web apps, customer experiences are changing. And they’re expecting a lot more functionality from business websites.

Companies have found that by developing web apps, they can grow faster. This is because it’s much easier to target the right audience and because it makes the user experience better. Web apps are fundamentally different from web pages. Instead of the page being static like we’re used to, web apps allow pages to be dynamic. Early examples of web apps included things like Webmail and Google Maps. But the ecosystem has expanded dramatically. Now it’s almost mainstream to find companies with some type of web app built into their website. Here’s why they’re so beneficial.

Branding And PR

One of the first places that web apps have proven beneficial is in the realm of marketing and branding. In the past, it was usually only possible for large firms to hire web development teams to create bespoke web apps. That’s why it was something we saw only rarely on internet giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. But since then, there has been a proliferation of companies, like Brennan IT, offering small businesses the same services. Small businesses don’t have to hire their own app development teams. Instead, they simply outsource to another company to do the job for them. As a result, web development costs have come down considerably, and bespoke apps have gone mainstream.

It should be noted that companies aren’t just outsourcing for web apps for the sake of it. They get some key benefits in return. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the ability to market to your customers on your own terms. Off-the-shelf apps rarely offer the customizability that many businesses are looking for. But custom web apps let companies tailor marketing drives to a much finer level of detail. For instance, a web app that tracks user location can be used to offer a customer location-dependent services. Or a web app that tracks consumer mood could provide products based on psychological state.

Web apps are also a lot better at informing customers about how products work. Often, products and product segments can be complicated, and this can put new clients off. But an app that simplifies product selection can help users navigate a new brand.

Customer Service

Recently, we’ve seen a rise in companies using web features like click-to-call, or click-to-Skype. The point of these services is to connect customers directly to businesses through the website. But often, a simple phone call isn’t the best way to resolve problems, especially if you are a volume business. In these circumstances, it’s better to offer customers a web-based service. These services can be accessed at any time and from any location. And they offer a good first line of defense for businesses wanting to avoid being inundated with calls. Web help apps can be very useful for directing customers to the source of their problem so that they can fix issues themselves.

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