Angel Match Helps Entrepreneurs Write Their Own Success Stories

angel match helps entrepreneurs write their own success stories

Here’s the ugly truth about entrepreneurship: you can have the greatest idea in the world, but that means nothing if you can’t create a successful business around it, and most entrepreneurs can’t.

According to statistics, 22.5 percent of businesses close after a year, 50 percent during the first five years, and only 25 percent make it to 15 years or more. Discouraged by their failures, their owners turn their backs to entrepreneurship, thinking they’re just not cut out for it.

You Need Ink To Write A Success Story

What most failed entrepreneurs don’t realize is that they never had a chance to succeed because they were trying to write their success stories without enough ink.

It usually goes something like this: an entrepreneur sets out an ambitious road-map for their startup. Before their business is up and running and cash is steadily flowing in, they start to run out of money, unable to secure a loan because of their poor financial position.

They do their best to stretch the little they have but inevitably run into a wall, realizing one of the most important truths any entrepreneur can learn only when it’s already too late: it takes a lot of capital to kick off a new business into accelerated growth mode.

It also takes a lot of experience and a sound business plan that outlines realistic goals and clearly states how much money it will take to achieve them. The more mistakes are made at this early stage, the greater the chance of the story having a bad end.

Angels To The Rescue

Although entrepreneurs seemingly have several options for financing their businesses, such as personal funds and business loans, there’s only one option that can provide both financial backing as well as access to valuable expertise for those who don’t have a substantial financial track record: angel investors.

An angel investor is an individual familiar with the startup space who provides funds and advice in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. They also provide connections to vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers, helping budding businesses fill in any talent gaps that might otherwise prevent them from realizing their growth potential.

Needing to secure funds for his own FinTech startup called Richie, Rashid Khasanov tried to find angel investors and venture capitalists (VCs) who could provide not only the necessary funds but also the experience of someone who’s personally familiar with the FinTech industry. But just like so many other entrepreneurs, Rashid didn’t know anyone who could refer him to trustworthy and relevant investors.

“Since we weren’t able to find any decent tools that could help us find investors, we’ve searched and built our investor list ourselves using an excel spreadsheet. Jokes aside, it was not fun at all,” said Rashid. “That’s when we understood that there must be so many founders who face the same challenge as we did looking for investors.”

With his partner Daria Ree, he decided to build an investor database product called Angel Match to help entrepreneurs raise the capital they need to write their own entrepreneurial success stories, freeing them from the time-consuming, grueling process of manually searching for investors.

Helping Entrepreneurs Find Their Own Angels

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Today, Angel Match aggregates over 50,000 angels and venture capitalists in an extensive database that can be filtered by investment interests, investment funds, and location. Included in the comprehensive database, which spans all industries (including blockchain, FinTech, SaaS, CleanTech, and fashion) are investors from funds such as Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark, and Sequoia.

In addition to names and social media profiles, the database also includes emails, past investments, investment focuses, and company links, giving entrepreneurs all the information they need to match with the right angel.

Finding investors with Angel Match is as easy as entering a search query, saving the investors that you want to reach out to, and exporting the list as a CSV file with a simple click.

You can get started for free right now and optionally upgrade to one of the three available premium subscriptions to unlock unlimited access and additional features, such as filtered search and priority customer support. Prices start at just $49 a month when billed annually, and subscriptions are charged securely through Stripe, upgradable or cancellable anytime.


As an entrepreneur, you write your own success story. If you want your story to be hundreds, if not thousands, of pages long you need to ensure that you don’t run out of ink after the first chapter. When you partner with angel investors, you become able to grow your business in ways you would be able to otherwise because an angel investor provides not only funding but also connections, ideas, and motivation. Instead of waiting for angels to approach you, be proactive and find angels on Angel Match.

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