Never A Dull Moment: What Focused Entrepreneurs Are Outsourcing In 2017

what to outsource in 2017

Entrepreneurs often go into business with the attitude that they can do everything themselves. But this isn’t the best strategy. They spend so much time doing the back-end stuff that they fail to make the impact they want. As a result, their businesses grow slowly, if at all.

Entrepreneurs have long seen outsourcing as a strategy left for big business. But with the rise of better digital technology, that’s all changing. Great outsourced tools have made it easier for companies to compete with their larger rivals online. They can get professional input, no matter where they are located. And they can effectively build a business without having to hire any of their own staff themselves.

Here’s what to outsource in 2017.

Writing And Social Media

As any startup company knows, writing is ridiculously important. Why? Because written text is part of the way Google decides your site ranking. The better the text, the higher up in the search results your business will appear. Companies also know that writing is important for marketing materials, brochures and reports. But most business people are not consummate writers themselves. As a result, it’s usually much better to get somebody else to do the legwork for you. The same principle applies to your social media accounts. They are time-consuming. And mistakes in your spelling and grammar can negatively impact perceptions of your business.


Most startups don’t have anything approaching bona fide manufacturing facilities. And so they need to approach manufacturers who can do the work for them. But are manufacturers always available? If you are in the manufacturing outsourcing industry, you may have heard about the World Patent Marketing complaints. The company was accused of cherry-picking inventions to build for clients. But the problem wasn’t cherry-picking, it was the fact that startups often didn’t have a compelling offering. The lesson here is to make sure that you communicate with the manufacturer that you have a great product. Show them in detail why you think it will be profitable to get them on your side.

Web Research

Startups do web research for two reasons. The first is to find new business online. The second is to stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry. Both can be time-consuming. Web researchers are paid professionals who take on the burden of research for you. Often they have access to journals and libraries that you don’t. And they can quickly give you the information you need to conduct your next webinar or presentation. You can find researchers at sites like Elance.

Administrative Help

In the past, one of the first hires many service firms made was an admin assistant. But it was an annoying hire. Often there isn’t enough work at the beginning to keep a new admin hire busy. And as a result, companies can end up chucking money away. Here’s where virtual assistants come in. Virtual assistants get access to all your relevant digital assets, like your emails and calendar. Then they organize your schedule and other things on your behalf. The cool thing is that you only pay them for the admin services that you get, and not a penny more.

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