Build The Perfect Team For Your Manufacturing Startup

manufacturing startup

Finding the right employees to hire is a tough gig in any industry – but in manufacturing, it can be a lot more complicated than most. You will need a big team to get started, in all kinds of areas. In today’s guide, we’re going to take you through everything you need to know about building the perfect team for your new business. Read on to find out more!

Efficiency Vs. Productivity

The biggest problem with hiring in manufacturing is knowing how to maximize your resources. You have to be efficient as possible to avoid increasing your cost per sale. But at the same time, you need to hire enough people to ensure you can meet demand. Failure to supply your customers as and when they need it can often have an adverse impact on manufacturing business. The key is to focus on building your management team first, and then hire unskilled or temporary staff as and when you need them.

HR First

Building a perfect team takes time, effort and energy – three things you might not have available in the early stages of your startup. So, consider hiring an HR professional first to help you identify the critical areas you need to cover. Human resources are often overlooked by many startups in other industries, but in manufacturing, they can play a vital role. The chances are that you will need a big team when you start out. And an HR professional with manufacturing experience will give you a significant advantage.


Keeping production going – and in an efficient manner – takes a lot of effort. So, you need someone in charge of your operations. It is a broad field, taking in everything from the manufacturing process to logistics and delivery. Some startup owners might feel comfortable doing this themselves, of course – others may want to get more involved with sales. But the point is, operations are critical to your success, and should be a standalone position.


If you are opening a factory space, you will need to have engineers. Your machinery will make or break your business, and quick fixes are essential. The longer a production line goes down, the longer it takes to fulfill your orders. And that means less money, fewer happy customers, and lots of reputation problems. There is an opportunity to outsource your machine maintenance, too. But, whichever option you choose, always seek expertise. You’ll need to find people who are comfortable in all kinds of mechanics, from hydraulic hose repair to computer diagnostics.


A logistics expert is also going to be critical to your manufacturing business success. They will be able to plan optimum delivery routes, saving your money and lowering your cost of sale. They will also take care of your stock and inventory, ensuring your running as lean as possible. Don’t underestimate the value of having logistics expertise on your side. You will find that they can lower costs dramatically across almost every area of your business. Given manufacturers often operate on tight profit margins, it will boost your chances of success.

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