There’s Nothing Soft About This ‘Ware! Systems To Keep Your Startup Running Tirelessly

keep your startup running smoothly

Having a startup company that runs like clockwork may sound like a complete trial when a business is in its infancy. Likewise you may hear that some organisations “practically run themselves”. This is not a fluke, but this is due to tireless work behind the scenes, keeping the company active. But the work is done by software applications. They keep on top of emails, schedule meetings and guard your systems against unsolicited attacks. It takes a lot of code behind those monitors and laptops to operate a successful business, and here are some of the things your startup can do with.

Cloud Software

If you are still using internal hardware to store your documents, might I suggest moving up to the cloud? Moving your business to the cloud is great for many reasons, including saving money for the business. Document recovery is easier with a cloud operating system. It has vastly more storage space for your documents too. Another positive is also great for the environment as it takes less resources to compute information. When servers are not used, the infrastructure will “scale down”, this consumes less power and energy. So if you are trying to be environmentally conscious, give the cloud a try.

Blogging Software

A way of communicating your business with your client base, both internally and externally. Using blogging software is a great way to personalize your business, which can encourage more custom and more contacts. This is giving your company a face to the name, instead of being a faceless company with  a nice logo. The power of online blogs can be the one tool to really launch your startup into the stratosphere.

CRM Systems

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Many companies now use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platforms, such as dynamics AX, to allow their business to use a system of integrated applications. This helps manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. The benefits of CRM systems range from more efficient time management, to reducing admin tasks, to better client lead generation. Having a system like this in place can prove to be invaluable if you need to stretch your workforce more than you can afford to.

Anti Virus Software

You need this if you don’t have it already! Anti virus software prevents the installation of spyware and malware on a computer. It can prevent spyware, blocks tracking cookies, and restricts access to potentially dangerous websites. These programs may have other tools like virus prevention, anti-spyware protection or e-mail scanning. They also can be set to run at specific times, on specific days, and can be set to find and install updates and definitions.

If you don’t have one of these systems in place for your startup, I would suggest getting one, or all of them in place. While cost is an issue in the beginning for any business, think about the purchasing of these systems as more of an investment. Down the line, you won’t how you survived without them!

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