Software To Make Your Business Thrive

Businesses are becoming more and more dependent on the software they use. Doing business using old-fashioned solutions is no longer cost-effective. So there is little alternative to using the latest applications. However, there are software packages out there that really stand out from the crowd and will help, not hinder your business.

Client Portal Software

Client portal software allows you to share large files and documents with your customers. In that way, they help you to avoid generic services which may not be secure.

What’s more, client portals can be customized to your brand. This gives your business a professional appearance and provides consistency between platforms.

Good services allow you to customized the color scheme and the logo. That means that your logo will always be on the client’s display, be that the desktop or their phone.

The portal will also allow you to collaborate seamlessly with clients. Once you upload the document to the portal, it will be shared as a document would be on most cloud platforms. But the client can access the document from any location, including a mobile app with your branding. There they can make amendments and suggestions to your work.

Accounting Software

Nobody wants to do accounts by hand the old-fashioned way. Fortunately, there are now accounting services that are intuitive and useful.

Good accounting software now works by synchronizing with your business bank. Whenever a transaction is made on your business bank account, it is logged on your accounting software. All you have to do is then select to which category transaction items on your bank statement correspond. Once you’ve done that, programs will build a summary of your accounts and keep track of all your accounting history.

Most programs will also allow you to draw up reports so that you can track any trends that are relevant to your business finances. From there you’ll be able to keep track of exactly what outgoings you have and whether you are on track to meet your business objectives.

You’ll also be able to generate payment invoices and automatic payment reminders online. Some programs even allow you to send invoices to customers with a card payment portal embedded into the invoice.

Furthermore, if your business has employees, you’ll be able to use accounting software to pay them. As before, the software will automate updates to your accounts based on payments made to employees.


Customer relationship management is a tricky business. It’s not just something that Fortune 500 companies should be doing. It’s something that even a mom-and-pop shop should be doing if they have more than a couple of customers.

CRM software allows you to better serve your customers by tracking the sales process and follow up leads. If your client process is complex, the CRM can be a big advantage. It’s especially useful for consultants who need to keep track of which state various clients are in a particular process. Has the client only made an initial inquiry? Have they been taken through the first stage of a consultation, but not the second? There are important logistical issues that can be resolved with the right software.

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