Essential Features Your Ecommerce Shop Needs

Online shopping has never been bigger. From Amazon to eBay, it’s all too easy to purchase a variety of products at the click of a single button.

And as a result, an eCommerce shop is an essential feature of the modern business, especially if you’re an online company.

An eShop offers your customers a portal through which to trade with you, which means a fatter wallet for your business!

But eCommerce sites are tricky to get right, and easy to get wrong. Fortunately, there are so many bad ones out there that you have a whole host of examples to learn from. And learn you must!

So, with this in mind, here are the essential features that will make, or break, your eCommerce efforts. Good luck!

Free Shipping

Rather than literally making shipping free for consumers, factor this into the overall price of the product. Simply bump the price up a bit, slap ‘free shipping’ on it, and the item looks more enticing.

Alternatively, set a minimum order price that users must cross to get free delivery. This way, you encourage multiple purchases and cover the costs of the shipping automatically. You can’t go wrong!

Multiple Payment Options

We live in a world of choice – choice defines our everyday life and impacts every single decision we make. White or brown bread? Stallone or Arnie? Netflix or Prime Video? The list goes on!

And with this in mind, one choice you should give your customers is to allow them to pick their preferred payment method. Think debit card, PayPal, checks, BitCoin and credit. Some payment portals can be hard to add by yourself, so consider contacting an eCommerce developer if you’re struggling.

Offers, Front And Center

The very first thing that users should see when booting up your eCommerce site are the latest offers and deals you’re running. People shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get to the promotions. You should display them proudly in order to attract the most interest, and sales.

Guest Checkout

Forcing users to login just to make a quick purchase can actually turn people away. If I wanted to just buy a t-shirt, yet I have to enter a plethora of details to do that, am I going to? Hell no! It’s a real pain. Consider adding one-click purchases, a guest checkout and allow people to save their delivery settings to speed things up.

Customer Support

If a customer is having trouble making a purchase, you need a member of staff within reach.

Whether you have a live chat, phone number or contact form, allow people to make queries with ease. This form should be linked from every page, and should be easy to see.

To further support this, you could add an ‘FAQ’ page too. This will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about your site. This way, customers can find the information they need quickly.

And that just about does it! Are there any features that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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