Essential Reads For Every New Entrepreneur

essential reads for every new entrepreneur

If you’ve just started up a new business, you’ve got a lot of learning to do. From payroll to digital marketing to sales, there never seems to be an end to what has to be learned.

But help is at hand from a wealth of books on topics as diverse as how to do affordable SEO to dealing with rapid growth. Here are just a few of the best.

Things A Little Bird Told Me: Biz Stone

With a first name like Biz, is it any wonder that Biz Stone went on to found Twitter? Stone has always been a fan of startup books. And now he has decided to publish his own: Things A Little Bird Told Me.

He is a man full of creativity, drive, and passion. And he’s desperate to share that passion with the world. Most people think Twitter was some overnight success. But Stone describes how it took him over five years to make his dream into a reality.

Startup Owner’s Manual: Steve Blank

Blank is one of the pioneers of the lean startup. He saw a trend emerging years ago where businesses no longer had to secure enormous quantities of capital to be successful. Just look at what happened with Facebook and Twitter.

Blank presents the reader with a manual that can guide them through the various stages of starting up a business. The advice he gives is based on his own experience. The book is a must-read.

Built To Last: Jim Collins

Collin’s mission in this book was to understand what it is that sets great companies apart. What was it that they did differently? How did they achieve global success, despite the competition?

The book is exciting and one that all startups should read. Just be careful you don’t start indulging yourself in delusions of grandeur.

Start With Why: Simon Sinek

Sinek takes somewhat of a philosophical angle on startups. He reminds the entrepreneur that the whole process is so much easier when you have a reason for why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Sinek says that it’s a mistake to start a business just to make money. You should be passionate about solving a problem in the world. That’s what actually creates a drive and a purpose and causes you to excel.

Startup CEO: Matt Blomberg

Big CEOs are prepared for their roles for years and years before they actually get the position. They’ve worked their way up the ranks and have seen business operated at all levels.

Small CEOs tend to be different. They’re young and inexperienced in running a business. They’re learning about being an entrepreneur on the job and often find themselves getting into trouble.

Blomberg knows of the potential pitfalls all too well. That’s why he wrote Startup CEO. It’s a form of safety precaution for younger entrepreneurs. It’s a guide to help them navigate the pitfalls of running a business for the first time.

The book, written a decade after Blomberg first became a CEO contains all sorts of useful information. You’ll learn everything from sales to marketing to developing new products.

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