Four Ways Facebook Can Improve Your Business

facebook for business

Social media is bigger than it’s ever been with a plethora of apps to choose from in order to get your message across. Even networking has changed since the advent of sites such as Business Because, LinkedIn, and Ryze. However, when it comes to business the original networking site Facebook is still very much the preferred method. If you’re looking to boost sales, attract new customers or promote a seasonal deal or product launch then the key to success may lie literally at your fingertips!

Create A Public Page

How useful public pages can be are still being debated in the digital community, but most people agree that if you have a business, especially if you’re self-employed, they can be invaluable. A public page not only gives customers a real-time look at what the business does, how they can contact you and what others think but also gives you a presence. In this day and age, it’s vital to have some sort of online profile and this page will help you to market content aimed at your target consumer as well as reminding people of your brand when it pops up on their news feed.

Showcase Products Through Galleries

Forget about creating glossy brochures and hire a photographer to take pictures of your product, service or offices and pop them in a gallery. This way it’s easy for your customers to click through albums, see how the brand has progressed and note anything that looks interesting. When thinking about your photos remember to have your logo prominently displayed, your public page, brand, and marketing information should all follow a coherent theme. Choose aesthetically pleasing colors and an elegant but not complicated design. If you’re unsure about how to transfer the core elements of your business into a banner, sign or logo then you can speak to a graphic designer to discuss ideas or even create your own using a Facebook cover maker that’ll create an exciting, colorful cover photo for you.

Post Regularly About The Brand

On average, consumers check out their feed at least once, or twice a day, so there’s plenty of opportunities for you to promote the business. Don’t overload them with marketing information, often photos and hashtags work better than explanations and don’t be afraid to show some personality after all people do business with people so post some fun office related status updates, nothing inappropriate, and some great action shots of your team or yourself busy working. Valued customers will appreciate the updates and new customers will be attracted by the warm, approachable demeanor that staff display. When writing a post look carefully at spelling and grammar as well as the content itself before clicking share, the page may be linked to your personal account but remember it’s still part of your business so keep it professional.

Network For New Opportunities

There are thousands of groups online full of like minded people that want to get together and share ideas, collaborate on projects and find out what works and what doesn’t. Facebook can help you connect with similar brands, companies you’d like to work with and even assist you in the search for new employees all with just a click of a mouse.

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