Free Apps And Software To Improve Your Efficiency At Work

improve efficiency at work

Productivity and efficiency aren’t just the hottest buzzwords in entrepreneurship right now. They are absolutely essential for the hardworking business startup to survive. The more you can do in the shortest time possible, the better. You simply don’t have the time and resources to tackle tasks the long way round. So what better way to improve your efficiency and productivity at work than with these easy to find freebies?

Collaborative Working

Collaborative working makes life so much easier, no matter what size your business might be. It allows simultaneously working on and editing of your documents or spreadsheets. Completion can be achieved much more quickly. It also means everyone can get together to work on projects without even being in the same country! Services like Google Docs and Google Sheets allow many different collaborators to edit a document. You can each leave notes or messages for colleagues, and complete projects simultaneously.

Collaborative working using free resources like these save you a fortune on expensive software. It also avoids all those renewable short-term licenses. There are no installations to worry about as everything remains in the cloud. It is accessible from any device anywhere in the world. Changes appear live as if you were sat working side by side.

Manage Your Resources

It’s not always easy to keep track of your employees when you’re operating a manual spreadsheet. Of course, working this way can also lead to security and privacy problems. Unfortunately, many startups struggle to know how to manage personnel electronically. There are holiday periods and vacations to coordinate. Over-time and sick days also need to be logged. And, of course, performance reviews need to be scheduled. Fortunately, there is a way to automate a lot of these alerts and processes.

Free software is available that can help you manage almost all your personnel or human resources requirements. Options like this HRIS software package can make light work of all your HR needs. When you don’t have an on-site Personnel or HR manager, there simply isn’t the time to dot every i and cross every t yourself. Recruitment and applicant tracking is another tricky area to manage. It might be resolved easily with free software.

Accounting Software

Ultimately, every business owner needs tricks, hacks, and innovative solutions. We all need to reduce our working hours and task load. Free apps or software could be just the thing to help without you having to pay a penny. There are dozens of free accounting apps and software packages that can quickly and easily provide the paperwork you need. Simple accounting solutions are readily available. They can make light of invoices and payments, graphically display your budget, and even handle payroll. Simply choose the options you most need or use, and install the package that fits best.

What’s Your Solution?

Yes, there are PA apps to provide you with detailed planning and scheduling as a PA would. All you need to do is input your calendar items, ask for a reminder, and it’s done. These are often pre-installed on your smartphone or tablet. They usually feature for free within your computer OS too. So why aren’t you using them? Get more efficient, and less stressed, with free apps today.

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