This Free Security Solution Claims To Block Malware And Zero-Day Attacks

free security solution will block malware and zero day attacks

Malware infections increased 53% over the past year, according to a recent report from security firm Absolute and the Ponemon Institute. More than half of endpoints contain sensitive information and are vulnerable to attack, the report found.

To combat this problem, on Monday, cybersecurity firm Comodo announced what they are calling the industry’s first free endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution. The cWatch EDR comes at no cost to customers, and allows companies of all sizes to more easily detect malware on endpoints, and to investigate and respond to security incidents, according to a press release.

This is not a free trial offer, the press release noted. The EDR is part of the Comodo Security Solutions’ Advanced Endpoint Protection system, and is designed to work with the company’s Endpoint Protection Platform to prevent malware attacks. The solution “blocks and isolates unknown, zero-day attacks of malware, Trojans and other harmful executables – and renders those attacks useless against endpoints and networks,” according to the press release.

“Comodo’s innovative EDR presents you with an outstanding degree of visibility and 100 percent trusted verdicts for every file on the premises, ensuring that no malware can escape detection, even new, unknown attacks,” says Mehmet Özer Metin, director of enterprise and cloud product development, in a press release. “When aggregated with Comodo’s global threat intelligence and managed threat hunting services, information collected from this ultra-lightweight endpoint agent leads to imminent success in fighting with any form of malware and security incidents.”

The cWatch EDR also includes continuous endpoint monitoring, advanced search capabilities for file hashes and anomaly detection, real-time visibility into your security environment, and a centralized cloud hosted architecture.

Enterprises waste large amounts of time and money on ineffective endpoint security solutions, the Absolute and Ponemon Institute report stated, with poor overall endpoint security protection costing an average of $6 million. Further, only 27% of those surveyed in the report said they are confident that their company can identify the endpoint devices which pose the greatest risk in a highly effective fashion. Some 70% said they were “below average” in detecting insecure or offline endpoint devices, and 20% reported having no endpoint security strategy at all.

As TechRepublic’s Scott Matteson noted, this illustrates the difficulties companies face managing endpoint devices as well as managing risks, even with technology solutions available. “It’s important to establish a centralized strategy for managing and securing your entire environment, from in-house systems to mobile devices,” Matteson wrote.

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