Get Savvy As A Sales Entrepreneur

getting savvy as a sales entrepreneur

Being in sales is something we all have connections to. From the part time job we first had, at the start of our journey into the working world, to the many occasions that we have been on the other side of the table, being the paying customer. Even as a customer, we’re always looking for ways that we can get a little bit savvy with what we’re doing. Couponing, shopping in different stores to get a bargain, and just generally being careful with money to ensure that as little as possible is spent. But when you’re on the other side of the coin, and you’ve got your entrepreneur head on, it’s even more essential to think about all of the ways that you can get savvy doing it.

As a small entrepreneur trying to learn the ropes, ensuring that every single penny is put in the bank is essential, so that last thing you want to be doing is losing out on sales due to poor management of them. But it’s not always easy to see how you should be getting savvy as a sales entrepreneur, whether we’re on about money, time, new products, or just anything related to it. So that’s where we’re going to try and swoop in and help. Sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction, or to read something that makes everything click in your head, and your day by day life as an entrepreneur will become so much easier! So keep on reading and we’ll show you a few ways that you can get savvy as an entrepreneur!

Savvy With Your Time Saving

Time saving is something you definitely need to try and get on board with. So much time is usually spent in business on the sales side of thing, trying to save time, when in reality, all that’s being done is time wasted. But when it’s a small business, and potentially only you guiding it, you really need to find ways that you can save some time, for both you and your customer. In terms of your customer, you really want to be making the money go further for them, so that they keep coming back to you. So whatever you’re selling, be it a product or a service, has to have some sustenance to it. We think the mistake that people are making at the minute, is that they’re focusing too much on getting in cheap quality products, or doing a quick job, in order to make more money. But the major risk with this one, is that you’re really running the risk of getting a bad reputation for poor quality products or services, and you’re not really getting the type of customers that you want.

You should always go for the option that means you’re producing quality products and services, even if it means you’re bumping your prices up a little. In comparison to some of the big companies out there, you still won’t be charging as much. Making time simpler for you and your customers is also important, so think about forms that you can send out with every job or sale, to make the whole process quicker. Here are some templates that might benefit you, but it all depends on what you’re trying to sell. One common route that people are going down at the minute for sales, is with property. If you find yourself trying property flipping, selling at the right price, to the right person, and managing it all can get super stressful, and those templates will definitely help you!

Savvy With Your Talking

You have to have the gift of the gab to be good with sales, and that’s just not something that comes naturally to a lot of people. So if you’re someone who hasn’t really though into how much how you talk can influence how savvy you are, then this section is for you. So, the first thing you want to remember, is make sure that you’re the one doing the talking about the customer, and let the customer ask the question about the product. If you’re not even taking the time to get to know the person who is standing in front of you, then you’re going to have a big problem on your hands.

It drives people away, and i might even feel to some like you’re just trying to throw the product in their face. So ask about their life, and then find ways to link it to the product. Find out what it is they need it for, how they’re getting on with that, and how you think the product can help. It’s a much better way of speaking to your customers, rather than if you were to jump right in to talking about the product and how much they need it. Just be as bright and as chatty as you possibly can, and let the customer know that you’re someone who can be trusted, and they’re far more likely to come back to you!

Savvy With Your Future

Your future as an entrepreneur is something that you always want to make sure that you’re thinking about. People go into this as a small time thing, but then get knocked out of even the small time game, because so many other people are searching for ways that they can become an entrepreneur. So you have to think about your future, and how you can make little steps towards progression, even if you don’t want to turn this into something big. So one tip we have for those of you with the goal of staying small, but profitable, is to focus on your social media pages early on.

As long as you can make your business look glamorous, and you can connect with enough people through it, you’re pretty much onto a winner. That steady flow of custom can easily be met through successful social media pages! Then, you can mold your success around a business plan. The more profit that you feel like you’re making, the more things you can then go and take on. The more time you spend in business, the more you will find that you’re following a natural path and plan. New opportunities will present themselves, you’ll find better suppliers, you’ll learn new tricks, and nothing like experience can teach you what you can from reading an article!

Savvy With The Technology You Use

Technology is going to play a big part in your business, from the computers you use to do some browsing and tweaking to your business, to the phone systems you use. It’s the little bits with technology that we often take for granted, but that can so easily be utilized. One of these is a VoIP system, which is going to be like your own personal office assistant. It allows you to take messages and calls when you’re not even in the office, giving your little entrepreneurship venture a better chance.

You should also be thinking about using sales software that will allow you to better manage what’s coming in, and what’s going out. Sometimes trying to work out the figures can be a total nightmare, but when software does it for you and puts it into black and white, it makes everything so much easier to understand! Sales are something you might not monitor as much as a small entrepreneur, but having a better understanding of them can help you also understand how to get better profit!

With over 9 years of search marketing experience, Sandra is cross skilled between PPC and SEO. Her experience in search spans across different verticals including Technology, Retail, Travel & Automotive.