How To Get Truecaller Live Caller ID On Your iPhone

Knowing who is calling your mobile phone is an important part of communication. It helps you judge the call before you answer – prepping yourself to take the call, or letting it go to voicemail entirely. 

Caller ID on your phone works great if you have the number in your phonebook, but what about all those numbers you don’t recognize? Truecaller solves that problem with Caller ID. In the past, this feature has always been available on other operating systems, however, the live Caller ID service has not been available for iPhone users due to limitations on iOS. Until now! Truecaller is thrilled to present a functional live Caller ID for all you iPhone lovers to benefit from.

How It Works

If you’re a Truecaller user using an iPhone, and you receive a phone call from another Truecaller user (whether they’re a contact of yours or not), you’ll get a live Caller ID notice on your phone.


This new feature will work from Truecaller user to Truecaller user on Android and iPhone.

If calling iPhone to iPhone, the caller needs to call from the Truecaller app to trigger the Caller ID for the recipient. Both parties do need to have a 3G, 4G or strong WiFi connection and the latest Truecaller version.

If you have the latest version of Truecaller, there is no need to update your app!

Please Keep in Mind: If you force-quit Truecaller, the live Caller ID will stop working. So make sure you keep it up and running at all times. Due to the limitations of iOS, the live Caller ID on iPhone is a work in progress, so Truecaller will continue to make improvements to the Caller ID in the coming weeks. As more and more users install Truecaller, you’ll see fewer and fewer unknown calls.

Please visit Truecaller’s FAQ for more information.

Via Truecaller Blog

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