How To Use Truecaller Live Caller ID

Caller ID on your phone works great if you have the number in your phonebook, but what about all those numbers you don’t recognize? Truecaller solves that problem with Caller ID available on Android, Windows Phone 8.1 and 10, and now iPhone.

How It Works

You need to have a 3G, 4G or strong WiFi connection for live Caller ID to make a lookup in the Truecaller service. The app makes a match between the phone number, and a name within the database of over 2 billion global phone numbers.

Who Does It Identify?

The app is designed to identify any caller that is not saved in your phonebook, but also potential telemarketers, harassment calls, and even potential fraud. Truecaller is a community built service where other users mark callers as spam if they feel the call is unwanted. This means that all of Truecaller’s users are notified if they receive a call from that same number.

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