Here’s How You Can Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S7

Here I am going to provide a short guide on how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone so you can use it with any other compatible GSM SIM card worldwide.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is an android 6.0 powered smartphone having large 5.1 inches super amoled screen. A powerful 12 megapixel camera with low light superpowers and 5 megapixel front camera. It having the QUALCOMM’s most powerful octa core processor with 4GB RAM and built in storage of 64 GB. It has a large 3000mAh battery with IP68 water and dust resistant features. The micro SD card is back in this model which can be expanded upto 200GB.

If you bought your Samsung Galaxy S7 device with networks like AT&T, T-Mobile etc. then you most probably wish to unlock your device to use with other sim cards.

Benefits Of Phone Unlocking

1- Flexibility From Burdensome Provider Charges

Although it behaves to conserve cash on a smartphone with a two-year arrangement, the fact is, signing such an agreement means consumers go through the burdensome costs put upon them by carriers. While buying opened device implies paying complete rate in advance, purchasers likewise release themselves from the early-termination fees as well as have the chance to obtain the mobile service that’s best for them.

2- Much More Phone Choices

The good aspect of unlocking a gadget is that it can be done on almost any kind of item. So, while T-Mobile could have a phone an AT&T customer wants, purchasing the opened choice from the other provider will certainly give the very best of both globes. An opened phone offers lovers a lot more selections.

3- Better Strategy Prices

Since unlocking a phone gives customers true option, they could shop for the strategy that fits them finest. Providers might, at the surface, appear to have every one of the exact same prices, but firms like T-Mobile and Cricket are doing a great work of providing better deals than their large competitors in an attempt to bring in even more clients.

4- Suppliers Are Marketing Them

Although opening a smartphone isn’t all that challenging, the good point now is that mobile phone makers are really selling their own unlocked items. Apple, for instance, sells unlocked variations of its apple iPhone. However, be aware that when it comes time to buy an unlocked mobile phone, it’ll set you back a lot more compared to the subsidized providing available with a two-year contract.

Options To Unlock Your Phone

From Your Service Provider: You can unlock your phone through your carrier, either they will do this for you free of charge or for a fee. But you have to wait for your contract to be expired with them and your account is in good standing.

From Online Unlocking Platform: You can use online unlocking platform like which is a trusted online platform for unlocking mobile phones including Samsung Galaxy S7. It is one of the reliable unlocking service used by thousands of people that need to unlock their phones having great reviews and 24 x 7 customer support. Also you will get the lowest price for your Samsung Galaxy S7 unlock code from here.

Steps For Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S7

Here are few easy steps to follow so that you can unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7:

  1. Go to and put your phone details like phone make, model, locked network/country and IMEI number.
  2. To get the IMEI number dial *#06# on your Samsung Galaxy S7 or go to Settings > More > About device > Status.
  3. Provide your name and email address and make payment through PayPal or Credit/Debit card.
  4. Upon completion of your order you will get an email containing unlock code.

Unlock Procedure: Use Your Brand-New SIM Card To Unlock Your Phone!

Once you received the unlock code follow the steps below:

  1. Insert a SIM card from a new provider (not the one the phone was securitized to) as well as turn on your phone, you will be prompt to enter your unlock code.
  2. Write all the 8 or 16 digit unlock code that you obtained by email and after that press unlock.
  3. Your phone will show “Network Unlock Successful” message and it is unlocked now.

This procedure not only helps you to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7 but you can also use the same procedure to unlock any Samsung Phones including Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus.

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