Here’s What Your Business Will Gain By Going To The Cloud

These days the term ‘cloud computing’ isn’t considered another language, unlike a few years before, many organisations across all sectors and of all technical abilities have got to grips with the facts behind this virtual server. However, despite the increased knowledge, many businesses are still yet to move away from traditional storage devices.

Check out the following four benefits of cloud computing and give your business the means to boost its productivity and profitability.

Technology That Grows With Your Business

The flexibility of the cloud is perhaps one of its most defining features. When investing in any part of your IT infrastructure, you want to ensure that you get plenty of bang for your buck. As the cloud provides an endless amount of storage for business data, a cloud-based service is able to meet and exceed your business’ demands both now and in the future.

According to a recent survey by InformationWeek, over 65% of participants agreed that their decision to introduce the cloud to their business was due to its ability to meet business demands efficiently.

A Fully Managed IT Solution

From completing regular updates to recovering data when disaster strikes, the all-encompassing service delivered by many cloud computing providers tend to go above and beyond. Every company using the cloud can access a fully managed solution, minus the expense of recruiting an IT specialist in-house such as an IT Support Company like Syntax.

Cloud-based services also ensure that disaster recovery plans are devised, supported and implemented where necessary to ensure you can return to what you do best. IT issues tend to be resolved four times faster within companies that use the cloud, compared with those who don’t.

The Ease Of Access

As well as the unlimited storage available via the cloud, its accessibility is also a major plus point, particularly for employees working remotely or in the field. As long as internet access is available, work can be completed anytime, anywhere, ensuring maximum productivity across the board.

Affordability For Businesses Of All Sizes

The cost efficiency of the cloud is second to none, after all there’s no need for the expensive introduction, storage and maintenance of servers and hardware in-house. In addition to this cloud-based services also tend to charge a monthly flat-rate fee, and without the need to pay for system upgrades, new hardware and software, and expert in-house staff, this will equal major savings for your business.

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