How 3D Printers Are Being Effectively Used During COVID19

how 3d printers are being effectively used during covid-19

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak has triggered unprecedented global health crisis. The world has is looking towards medical science and technology to come up with ways to stem the progress of the deadly infection and to develop vaccines to save millions of lives. The 3D Printing communities across the globe has come together to join hands in responding to coronavirus resources and COVID-19.

Why 3D Printing Can Help In Fighting The Pandemic

Capability to come up with advanced and innovative design that is bolstered by a quick manufacturing time are the attributes of 3D printing that has made it a go-to solution provider for various sectors in these times of crisis.

3D printing technology offers the unique opportunity to address the shortages of hospital and other medical equipment by providing a fast, reliable production method. This means essential equipment can be manufactured and delivered to hospitals without long lead times.

Ensuring Safety Standards

While the world is looking up at 3D printing companies for speedy manufacture of much needed medical equipment, it is important to make these products safe enough for medical use. A broad range of material across many technologies that can meet medical-grade specifications and those that are bio-compatible, sterilizable, high-temperature-resistant material are being used to manufacture the 3D-printed ventilators valves, making them ideal for medical use.

3D Printed Ventilator Parts Helped Save Lives

The intensity of the pandemic and the number of rising COVID-19 cases have left even the developed countries like Italy with an overwhelmed healthcare system. 3D Printing and allied companies have come forward with vital weapons to fight the pandemic by helping in producing life-saving hospital supplies.

In Australia, several 3D printing companies like Konica Minolta and their partners have been at the forefront of fighting the pandemic, by addressing the shortage of ventilators, face masks and personal protecting equipment (PPE) like gowns, masks, gloves, respirators for the hospitals, doctors and other medical staff. Face shields were also manufactured at a faster rate than 3D masks. The 3D printing provider facilitated the development of ventilator component like ventilator valves and P2/N95 filters for face masks.

Other Innovative 3D Models Used To Fight COVID-19

Quarantine Booths

In China, a 3D printing company have successfully manufactured quarantine rooms out of construction material waste. These rooms come equipped with electricity and water supply facilities.

Hand Sanitizer Holders

Cleaning hand is critical in keeping the coronavirus infection at bay. An innovative 3D print of hand sanitizer holder which comes as a wrist attachment allows users to lather their hands without having to touch a possible contaminated bottle.

Hands-Free Doors Handle Attachments

These help to alleviate the transmission of the deadly virus through door knobs and handles.

There is no doubt the coronavirus outbreak that has pushed healthcare facilities across countries, to their edge. Digital technologies like 3D printing have successfully come to aid the global health care systems in such times of crisis.

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