How To Choose A Drone

how to choose a drone

For creatives that want to take their content to the next level, a drone is a must. Drones are exciting; they have many uses, bringing an extra unique twist to your work. But how do you know which drone is the best for you? There are a few different types of drones, and they do slightly different things.

What Is A Drone?

Drones are something many people are familiar with if they play any military influenced games. You also have had the time to an unmanned aerial vehicle or unmanned aerial system.

All of these are the descriptors for remote-controlled aerial machines.

They are a mobile way to take many different types of video and photographs. In the last few years, there has been an increased usage of drones within the construction industry. It allows the construction companies to build a complete overview of the area without people having to visit the site. They are also very popular in creating wedding photography and taking incredible bird’s eye view shots of stunning landscapes.

In recent years drones have become more accessible for the average consumer. And if you are thinking about purchasing your first drone, here are a few facts about drones and your options.

Check out some cool drone footage here.

Types Of Drones

Starter Drone

A starter drone will be at the lower end of the price bracket. This will most likely be a simple and inexpensive drone; they are ideal for learning. These simple drones will usually be much cheaper and focused on the fun factor. Most of the controls will be easy to learn, and you can often access them simply by a smartphone app.

A starter drone will usually have less than 10 minutes of flight time, and they won’t be able to go very far either. Some of the smaller Jones do you call me the video camera, which means you can start to get familiar with angle, heights, and use it.

If you don’t have many experiences with a drone, then a starter drone is ideal for you.

Camera Drone

A drone with a camera attached is designed to capture images and video. Although you can get some great drones at a low price, the higher the price, the better the quality. Some drones have a camera built-in others can carry a camera. They can also perform a range of tricks.

They are usually heavier than a starter drone, but they can travel further for longer. They typically will come with more advanced controls, although many can still be accessed via a smartphone app.

This type of drone is perfect for photographing special occasions, looking at landscapes, and even cityscapes. In fact, you can pretty much use this to create some jaw-dropping content whenever you like.

Check out some cool drones, and take your time to find the right one.


There are some places where drones are not allowed to travel. So you need to be aware of these before you set your drone off. It is also essential that you learn how to use it. Even the smallest drone could hurt birds, other small animals, and a person if they were to be hit by them.

Although most drones do, you have some inbuilt bumper protection; if they are to hit a building, they most likely will break.

It is essential that you take the time to read the instruction manuals for your drone so you are very familiar with the controls.

One of the key things that many first-time drone users forget is that the battery can run out. And you must have your drone set to return before the battery runs out.

How To Choose A Drone

You should start with a starter drone, but if you are looking to have a drone for videography or photography, then try to choose one that has a camera. This will help you learn how to manage your drone.

Think about what you need to use the drone for. If you need it simply because you want to create some amazing content of the local landscapes, then you should buy a drone that has a reasonable flight time with a high-quality camera.

If you need a drone simply to capture a few moments of a special occasion, like a wedding or a birthday, then you can usually go for a lower-priced drone with less flight time, as long as the camera quality is high.

Think about if you need a ready to fly drone, bind and fly drone, a plug and play drone, or an almost ready to fly drone.

  • A ready to fly drone is easy to type to get started with and will have everything you need in the kit.
  • A bind and fly drone comes without a transmitter, so you need to purchase one of these separately. You must research the different transmitters as it is possible to buy the wrong one.
  • A plug and play drone can also be called a plug and fly drone. They’re without a transmitter or receiver, so you’re simply just paying for the drone body. You’ll need to buy the transmitter and the receiver separately.
  • An almost ready to fly drone usually needs quite some assembly. They are designed to have a very high degree of customization options. But these are usually better left to those who are slightly more experienced in drones.

Cheaper drones are typically made from plastic, which is not always the best choice; if you do need to go for cheap and drum, try to look for ABS plastics as this is tough. Fiberglass and carbon fiber are more resilient, but they are also more expensive.

Decide if you wish to have a live feed on your drone, this can be a lot of fun for content creators, all those who like to give a journalistic element to what they do.

Take your time and do plenty of research to find the drawer on this right for you. Read some reviews about drones before you make a decision.

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