How To Leverage Social Media For eCommerce Sites

how to leverage social media for ecommerce

Are you engaged in an eCommerce business? If yes, then you are probably well aware of how social media is playing an increasingly crucial role in the progression of online shopping. If we look at the statistics provided by social media site Pingdom: Equal percentage of males and females are found who are actively using social sites (47% vs. 53%). Apparently, 93 % of consumers possibly turn to social media when they need help to make significant buying decisions. Research conducted by Compass enlightened the fact that, highest conversation rates of online stores are mainly because they invest excessively in high-converting acquisition channels and are more concerned about their customer experiences.

The bottom line: Unleashing your potential to compete online in an eCommerce business requires you to put considerate efforts in not just only superficial branding elements like creating a logo. However, you also need to be well-versed on how to communicate your brand message and make the most of your social media channels that are imperative to your business success and to make that possible you can simply not ignore the gravity of social media networking sites.

Here I am going to shed light on how you can leverage social media to grow your eCommerce business and to make it viable.

Begin With Knowing Your Customer Needs

You can simply not ignore the fact that your customer serves to be an important intangible asset of your firm that must be esteem and manage accordingly. You need to keep in mind your prospect customer needs and trends that are prevailing in the market before producing content on social media that unites with your customer needs. If you are not able to share with your customers content that makes them feel their needs are satisfied then it is time to take heed as you might lose your valuable customers.

Good part is you can identify their needs by employing a proactive approach in getting insights into what your customers actually wants to know. You can directly ask your customers what intrigues them the most. Monitoring your prospective audience interactions on social media can also help you in knowing what they prefer and then create a winsome content.

Make Certain That Your Social Media Post Is Well Optimized

Once you are well aware of your customer needs, it is now time to optimize your social media posts that plays an increasingly important role to enhance visibility. Research and deploy high-conversion keywords in your posts that consumers are more likely to search to find content pertaining to your industry, business and products/services. All you need to do is to incorporate those keywords strategically in your social media content to make it optimized.

Moreover, you can also give it a visual touch to entice your customers. According to Jeff Bullas, 67 % of consumers declare that the quality of a product image is considered extremely important in the process of selection and purchasing of a product in an eCommerce business. You need to make sure that your social media posts are well optimized, able to grab attention of your target audience while providing them an exhaustive experience that educates, entertains, and informs them.

Encourage Customer Reviews

This point will add extreme value to your overall business and make it more profitable. You must encourage your satisfied customers to share with you their reviews and employ it in social media marketing of your products/services. It is not surprising to say that, 90 % of consumers prefer to read online reviews before attempting to visit a business or making an online purchase. In addition, 88 % of consumers are more likely to trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, published by Invespcro. The above stated facts signify the importance of reviews in maximizing your revenue.

Stimulate Constructive Participation With Your Followers

With social media, you can easily interact with your target audience on daily basis that will allow you to keep yourself updated with evolving trends. Your followers need to feel that you value them the most and to meet their expectations you need to engage with them. You can join groups, host live sessions, and ask questions that ignite an interest in your audience to dive deeper into what you are offering, respond to their related queries, acknowledge them for sharing your content and actively participate in the discussions being done on topics that are currently in. This strategy will enable you to build long-term business relationship with your target audience.

Consistency Is The Key To Success

In eCommerce business, it is essential to make consistent efforts in boosting customer engagement as there is a fierce competition among several brands and outperforming your competition is quite a challenging errand. Therefore, it is vital to keep your customers motivated. Share valuable content on daily basis to drive instant traffic to your eCommerce website. If you show consistency in sharing posts and creating content to educate your customers about prevailing new trends then it will make them feel valued and overwhelmed with joy.

Initiate A Blog

Blogging enables you to keep your customers actively engaged with you while enhancing demand and interest for your products or services. If you fail to provide content that is informative and inspirational enough to grab attention of your prospect audience at first glance, it will eventually lead to lower productivity. Consequently, try to maintain an active blog where you post regularly about particular topics that customers are more interested in knowing about. It will also increase the list of your followers.

Incorporate Quotes That Your Customers Can Easily Tweet

Try to make your content sweet and crisp enough for your customers to comprehend. Instead of allowing your readers to tweet an entire blog post, you can incorporate a “tweet this function”all over your blogs that will make quotes and phrases easily tweet able. You can also employ “ClicktoTweet” tool to make the process hassle-free and fast.

You can stay ahead of the curve in your eCommerce business if you integrate the above-mentioned tips in marketing your business through social media. You need to deploy smarter social media strategies to make your presence worthy of attention. All you need to do is to alter the way you interact with your target customers, advertise and publish your content to drive traffic.

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